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NOTE - This page is no longer in active use. Every new user now automatically gets a User Profile page (user page), which should be updated by the user to provide some info about the user's experience level/background as a tax professional. To update your profile: Log in, click Profile, select edit at the top of that page, replace the boilerplate with your info, and then click Save page.

There is also a somewhat active User Introductions forum, but it is much more important for all users to have updated user profiles, since these can be accessed directly from any discussion that a user posts to (by clicking on the user name, which will show before each post).

Hi, and welcome to TaxAlmanac! If you're new to our community, drop us a note here and tell us a little bit about yourself. Most importantly, we would like to know about your interests, your areas of knowledge, and the sorts of things you'd like to work on here at TaxAlmanac. That makes it easier for us to help you start editing. We'd also appreciate it if you told us how you found out about TaxAlmanac.

Introduce yourself by clicking here

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Gregg Gillaspy, CPA, CFP®

Hi Folks! My name is Gregg Gillaspy and I'd like to see this site take off and mushroom into one of the most accessed and beneficial sites to exist on the web. I'm an accountant just like you, or most of you out there. Please take the time to jot down a sentence or two here (or more) and tell the rest of us what you would like to see happen with TaxAlmanac. You can access my user page to get to know me a little better by clicking on my name at the end of this sentence.--Gregg Gillaspy, CPA, CFP 21:51, 11 Jul 2005 (CDT)

Lila Perry, JD, EA

Hello, I hope this resource will blossom and become useful to all of us. I'm an accountant, not CPA, and I'm in partnership with my two daughters in CA. We do mostly accounting but also do taxes for all entities, both here in the US and abroad. If you get a chance preview our website Looking forward to working with everyone to make our profession better.

Perry & Perry Associates, LLC

Lila Perry, JD, EA Perry & Perry Associates, LLC



I am a CPA,PFS,CFP. I also hold the designation CCC, Certified Credit Counselor. In my current job I talk to thousands of people each year about Financial issues. My goal is to find a solution to whatever it is they are facing, be it debt, foreclosure, retirement planning, education planning, taxation, etc. Really any financial situation.

I have worked in the financial arena all of my career, as an CEO, operating my own accounting/financial planning practice, auditor and as a Financial specialist supporting employee assistance plans. I still find very exciting finding a solution to financial concerns.

Cristina Kelly, EA

I have owned a small bookkeeping company for 19 years. I became an Enrolled Agent last year and started doing income taxes for the first time in 2004.

My company has a variety of clients ranging from large restaurants to individuals working out of their homes. We do bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes.

James W. Fogal, CFP®, ChFC, CSPG

I am a financial planner who has specialized in charitable planning. Since 1998, I have been employed with charities assisting their donors in planning charitable gifts from a tax and financial planning perspective. On the side, I have a tax and financial planning practice.

I am a member of the Financial Planning Association, the National Association of Tax Professionals, the National Association of Enrolled Agents, and the National Committee on Planned Giving.

In the pro bono world, I lead a budget counseling program at my church. We assist individuals in financial difficulty with budgeting.

James W. Fogal, CFP®, ChFC, CSPG

Excellent charitable planning reference websites:
Planned Giving Design Center
GiftLaw charitable planning reference library

JamesFogal 20:55, 18 October 2006 (CDT)

David, CPA

sample David, CPA 21:47, 18 Jul 2005 (CDT)

JIL Services

Hello Fellow Tax Pros,

My name Renee Moffett and I am opening JIL Services next tax season in Cincinnati OH. This comes after four years working with one of the "Big Dogs" in Tax Services as both a preparer and manager and several years doing taxes from my kitchen table. So all the guidance from you will be greatly appreciated.

JIL (Jesus Is Lord) Service, is a faith based for profit tax and bookkeeping service serving individual, families and small local businesses. This will serve as a conpanion to EMAC & Associates which is a small clerical temp service I am currently running.

So, I guess you can say I like servicing and helping others.

Again, I look forward to hearing from any and all of you in the future.


Taxladyml, EA, NTPI Fellow

Hi everyone! Since 1992 I have owned my own tax business in a town with a population of about 17,000. I earned my Enrolled Agent designation in 1999. I am a Fellow of NTPI (National Tax Practice Institute) having completed their three-year program in Representation and Practice before the IRS. I am a member of NAEA, NSTP & NATP. I started my tax career by working and teaching for 2 years for H&R Block. I offer ‘after the fact’ payroll quarterly forms preparation in addition to Washington State payroll & tax forms (we do not have a state income tax).

During the tax season I employ 3 preparers and a receptionist to assist me in preparing approximately 1200 returns, 95% of which we e-file. My office specializes in individuals and Sch C businesses, 25 – 30 of which are daycare operators.. We prepare approximately 25 partnerships and S-Corps. I have been an instructor for the AARP Tax Aide program and I currently teach Recordkeeping for Daycare Operators for Catholic Family Services.

I hope this resource grows as I would like to learn from others experiences. I found out about TaxAlmanac from a Lacerte Software Newsletter.

Taxladyml 17:02, 27 Jul 2005 (CDT)

Stewart, CPA

I am a CPA not working in accounting, but in information security - so one of my main interests is technology. I also do some taxes - mainly individual, but some corporate. Georgian1 12:49, 1 Aug 2005 (CDT)


I am writing from Dallas. Okay, I will wade in. Small tax practice. I have typical tax questions. I will look at the chance of response.


Bonny Rice

Hello everyone,

I am a registered tax preparer in Clearlake Oaks, Ca. This is a rural community and most of my clients really enjoy the down home atmosphere and country living at its best. My web site is and I look forward to using tax almanac in the future.

I found out about this site through the Lacerte representataive who contacted me regarding their product.

I am currently studying for my BS in Business, and then I will sit for the CPA exam, in addition, I am preparing to obtain my Notary Public License.

This business is dedicated to the honor and glory of the Lord.

Best of the season to you!````

Isabel A. D. Bengtson, E. A.

I am a tax accountant who is an Enrolled Agent. I also have a master's degree in Taxation. In the area of the country that I live in, the tax preparers/accountants were approached to add financial services to our practices. So, I hold a series 6 and 62 license. This allows me to service my clients in the area of mutual funds. I have been in practice 21 years. I do mostly personal, Sch C, partnership, trusts, estates. I am a member of NAEA and NATP. I also am a notary public. We do wear a lot of hats sometimes. I find that I collect resources for my clients, so that when they have a problem, I have someone that I can recommend that they use. My practice is year round, but I am busiest during tax season. I am a one person office since I decided when I started that I wanted to do taxes, not to manage other people. I heard about the TaxAlmanac through an email from Proseries (TurboTax Professional).TaxqueenBen7440105 08:48, 7 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Aric Schreiner, CPA

Last week I left the field of human resources and returned to public accounting. I joined Gillaspy CPA Group on August 1. I have been a CPA since 1983. I have prepared thousands of personal tax returns over the last twentyfive years as well as my fair share of corporate and partnership returns. I have also prepared hundreds of clergy returns which is a good fit for me since I also have a Bachelor's degree in Theology from a small Bible college. I am very excited to be working for Gregg Gillaspy, who is also a devout Christian. Preparing clergy returns is also a niche of Gregg's firm.

I also have experience in payroll and many aspects of the broad field of human resources consulting.

I am a former Registered Representative and a former Registered Investment Advisor, having passed the NASD Series, 6, 63 & 65 exams. However, it became evident to me that I am not a natural sales person.

I enjoy studying the Bible for financial keys and principles that can be applied successfully today. I have great respect for work and teachings of Larry Burkett, Dave Ramsey, and Ron Blue. Each of them helps make God's promise of prosperity attainable through a plan and priorities. I have a similar desire to help people gain control of their finances and invest their surplus prudently.

Aric Schreiner, CPA, Columbia, Missouri

Janeen Christy, CPA

Hi everyone:

I'm a CPA in Iowa. Prior to becoming a CPA, I worked in management and new business development in health and human services.

I live in a small college town and have recently left the private sector. I am interested in setting up my own tax and accounting practice, primarily to do individual taxes, payroll, and small business taxes.

I'm interested in suggestions from those of you who have successfully ventured out on your own. Specifically, I'm interested in how you priced and promoted your services.

Thanks for your input.

Janeen 11:56, 10 Aug 2005 (CDT)


I am a CPA and a CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner). I have a small tax practice in San Diego and also do litigation support.

I once assisted with the defense of someone accused of illegally obtaining earned income credit refunds. You may wonder how I reconcile that with the preparation of income tax returns for people who are dealing in good faith and just want to pay the lowest tax that they are legally obligated to pay. It's simple. If the defense attorney and I did not force the government to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, they would be able to go after anybody, anytime. Janie 12:03, 11 Aug 2005 (CDT)


Profesional Tax Preparer - Computer ConsulantJohnF 17:07, 11 Aug 2005 (CDT)





arthur wyckoff


Hello. I entered the field of preparing tax returns several years ago. Currently, for my purposes, I am a CTEC registered preparer, which gives me a great deal of flexibility to do other things. this week finds me going to Las Vegas, to attend the IRS tax forum. It is a very good seminar, both for networking, and getting all those pesky req.s fulfilled at one time.I look for ward to meeting the members of this org.; and, to be a contributor in due time.

Arthurwyckoff 16:30, 19 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Cora Emmerich, EA - Advanced Business Strategies, Inc.

Hello, fellow number-crunchers.

I am a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor and a tax preparer. I use Lacerte software, and this is how I heard about TaxAlmanac. I think that it is a great networking and learning tool and I hope that our contributions to it will benefit everyone that visits this site.

I have been a registered Tax Preparer in California since 2000, and became an Enrolled Agent in 2006. Taxes are not what my one person practice is all about, though. My practice is 90% business consulting and my specialty is cleaning up messy books in order to get the Financial Statements ready for upper management decision-making and tax preparation by my clients’ CPA firms. My client base is a mix of individuals, Schedule C’s, and C and S Corporations.

Feel free to drop me a note. I can be reached at (updated August 2, 2007)

Jeffrey Kahn

Hello all. My name is Jeffrey Kahn and I am a professor in the tax area at Santa Clara University School of Law. As I am out of current practice, I am hoping to use the website to keep track of what is going on in the "real" tax world. Jeffkahn 12:52, 20 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Gina Rodkey

I am a QuickBooks® Certified ProAdvisor working in a CPA office. Most of my clients are small business owners who need help with QuickBooks. I set up databases, do bookkeeping and am generaly available for any questions they may have. When tax time comes, like most of the people listed here, my focus is on tax returns. I learned about TaxAlmanac from ProSeries. I am always looking for new resources and new contacts. I can be reached at Have a Great Day :0) GinaR 11:11, 22 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Jon Nichols Introduction

My name is Jon Nichols. I am an enrolled agent and have been preparing taxes in Orange County, CA since 1968. I am 67 years old. My office, open all year is in Garden Grove, CA.

We have a general practice with three tax preparers doing primarily individual tax returns.

Where is the spell checker?

While I can't really claim to be an expert in any one area I do have a lot of experience in several areas. This includes the tax preparation of 1031 exchanges, tax preparation of people who haven't filed for 10 years, audit representation at all audit levels, all types of employee business expenses and travel,and the preparation of Schedule C for self employed.

I have a website which is up & running but is really under construction and needs a lot of work. It is a lot of fun and it does have some useful information. It contains some basic Tax Facts, Links to the IRS and FTB, and some pretty good Calculators. Here is a link:

I like the idea of this site and I hope to participate from time to time.

Mellissa McAvoy Edwards

Hi everyone! My name is Mellissa McAvoy Edwards. I bought my business 5 years ago just weeks after receiving my Bachelors in Business Administration (concentrations in Accounting and Finance) from the University of Maine. Since then I have become an enrolled agent, sat for (and passed) three parts of my CPA exam (part four on Wednesday!), and gotten my Masters degree (again concetrations in Accounting and Finance). I am currently working toward my MBA and TRYING (unsuccessfully) to find a way to meet the experience requirements of the State of Maine so that I can become a CPA. (Apparantly its impossible if you are self employed... Anyone who has any creative suggestions let me know!

I have one full time, one part time, and one seasonal employee. We do bookkeeping, payrolls, taxes, truck licensing and reporting, etc.

Calculations Inc.

Mcavoym1 12:36, 29 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Nancy S Gerdes, CPA

Hi, folks! I learned about this resource from the Lacerte newsletter. Two or more heads are always better than one, so I look forward to being able to bounce things off other individuals. I am a partner in the firm of Gerdes and Goldsmith, CPAs. We are located in Beatrice, NE. I was a revenue agent for the IRS for 8 years and then left to start my own firm. I have never regretted it. I am also a partner with my daughter, who worked for some regional accounting firms before joining me in business. We provide the gamit of accounting services. Look forward to chatting about accounting and tax issues with you. I am a member of the LTUG(Lacerte Tax Users Group), which has been beneficial. I recognise some of your names from those emails. We went paperless last season!! Doing that and going to dual monitors has been a great thing. How many of you out there are paperless and how do you like it? What were your greatest obstacles and answers? Ngerdes 13:53, 29 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Katherine Jackson CPA

I learned of this webpage from a Lacerte newsletter. Although I am a CPA, I purchased my practice in 1988 from an EA. All of my client write-up is done on tax basis. I am a small, one-person office and concentrate on small business. I try to deal with each of my clients on a personal level. Most of my clients are more like family. I have C Corp, S Corp, LLC, Partnership and Trust clients, as well as, approx 200 Individual tax clients. I am looking for a tax research source, as well as, other professionals who are willing to share how they run their practice, change with the changing world of tax and accounting, and solve problems they incur in running a business.Jacksonpc 14:11, 29 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Paula Gomez, CFP

Hello all. This could be a great resource. I'll just have to remember to access the website. I am a sole proprietor on the central coast of CA. I've been a financial planner since 1995 but almost from the beginning discovered that I loved the tax side of the picture. I was a registered nurse from 1970 to 1995. When I left the hospital job, my former nurse buddies became my first clients. I was worried noone would come to see me for advice/taxes.

I prepare around 650 tax returns through my office. I have a helper, a registered tax preparer also, who comes in Feb 1 to April 15th. She assists me in the office tasks and prepares around 100 of the simpler tax returns; retired folks, college kids, wage earners, etc.

We efile over 98% of our tax returns using Lacerte software. I have clients in around 15 states and in 7 countries. I try to use email whenever possible to make my practice run more efficiently. I LOVE doing taxes! During tax season I work 15 to 18 hours a day. When tax season is over I go sailing for a month.

I am a registered investment advisor because the State of CA requires it of me. However I sell no products. I am a notary public because my clients wanted that service. Moneylady 16:43, 29 Aug 2005 (CDT)


Hi, I'm Rexcy, I'm currently working as an assistant tax preparer to a CPA, I want to be updated and know what are the current changes in the preparation of tax returns. Hope you can help me on this.


Lynda B. Scearcy, CPA, MST

Hello, I just came across this site when reading a Lacerte interesting concept.

I am the tax partner in a California firm located in the San Joaquin Valley. I received my Masters in Taxation from the San Joaquin College of Law. We have a practice that has a heavy emphasis on estate and trust work. Being in the San Joaquin Valley, agriculture is another area of emphasis. One of my partners and I are both past presidents of a tri-county estate planning council in our area. I currently sit on the state level Estate Planning Committee for the California Society of CPAs.

I look forward to watching this project grow. Lscearcy 06:00, 30 Aug 2005 (CDT)

What Lacerte newsletter are you talking about? Printed or by email? Someone else mentioned this and I am unaware of receiving one in the mail.--Gregg Gillaspy, CPA, CFP 22:07, 30 Aug 2005 (CDT)
They're referring to the Lacerte News - Volume 22 newsletter which was sent via email on Monday to (I believe) all Lacerte customers who have not opted out of such communications.
-- Tdoyle 22:42, 30 Aug 2005 (CDT)


I'm a CPA in practice with my two sons, a CPA and a CFP. Our practice is located in Central Massachusetts. I was a tax manager with both Andersen and Arthur Young before venturing out on my own years ago. No financial statements. We are a tax firm with a significant fee based financial services practice. Within five years we plan to be a fee based financial services firm with tax prepartion as a service to our clients.

Rlhodgecpa 07:35, 30 Aug 2005 (CDT)


I am a CPA and MBA who left public practice 12/31/03, when I purchased a small steel fabrication and erection company. I still need to keep up with the tax laws.


lee bibb

Llbibb 13:56, 30 Aug 2005 (CDT)

E Guy Shealy, Jr, MAcc, CPA,

Hi! I am a sole prctitioner with a diversified tax and accountng practice in South Carolna.

Russell Tuncap, CMA, CPA

Hello All,

I am an accountant in the Houston, TX area. I've been a CPA for 12 years and a CMA (Cert. Management Acct) for 11 years. I am a sole practitioner. Most of my business clients are small business owners (Schd C, Corp, LLC's) and most of my tax clients are wage earners. I heard about this website through the ProSeries newsletter. I think with the right input and guidence, this site could be a great resource. Feel free to contact me anytime at

Russell Rtuncap 12:52, 31 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Texas Sales Tax

Hello MRobertx here, I prepare Federal tax returns and do Texas Sales Tax consulting. Federal taxes are complex BUT Texas Sales Tax is complex and convoluted. Good and bad for the taxpayer.

Frank LG

I,ve been looking for a website that would give tax preparers info. Great site.

Brian D. Wilds, CPA, ASLI

I am a CPA and have a side business preparing tax returns for individuals, partnerships and corporations. My primary job is financial analysis of property and casualty insurance companies.

Adolph Levin, Enrolled Agent

--Levbern 16:06, 3 Sep 2005 (CDT)As a former IRS Agent (now an enrolled agent), I am authorized to represent taxpayers before Federal, state and local tax authorities. I also provide accounting, tax preparation/planning for individuals and businesses.I am glad to have a web site like this available to help me keep current with the changes in the tax laws. I also am involved in Estate Planning and Asset Protection. My email address

Dan Markiewicz, Tax Preparer

Hello, I am a tax preparer from PA with over 17 years extensive experience in individual and small business tax preparation. This past year I prepared and electronically filed over 1250 tax returns. Is everyone out there filing electronically? I started my business part time as I worked a full time job. I retired at age fifty and have been preparing taxes full time for the past eight years. Check out my web site at E-mail address is Good luck to all in the coming tax year. 10:50, 5 Sep 2005 (CDT)

Paul A. Lounibos


I have been with a small local CPA firm in Petaluma,California since January of 1966. Our firm has a large tax practice, does consulting and auditing (non-profits primarily), and write-up.

We have been using Lacerte since the 1995 season and have been pleased with the results. I look forward to sharing information with you and resolving tax questions as they are posed.

Best regards,

Paul A. Lounibos 18:34, 6 Sep 2005 (CDT)Paul A. Lounibos

Kenneth P. Alevras, CPA

I am a sole practitioner in Northern New Jersey. My practice is focused on tax planning and preparation, as I do not prepare audits, reviews and compiled financials. My area of expertise is in the insurance business, as I have over 60 State Farm Insurance Agents as clients. I filed all my personal returns electronically last year and it went better than expected. If you are not running on dual monitors, run out today and buy two 19" flat panel monitors and a dual video plug card. As long as you have a current version of Windows operating system you should be fine. The time savings is approximately 20% from the single monitor. Take this firm wide and it can be substantial. I am always looking for ways to become more efficient through the use of technology (ie. VPN, PC Anywhere setup between client and my office, paperless office). I am also looking to outsource some of my tax work to India this year through a company by the name Xpitax. Anyone use them already?

Gary Nelson EA

Hi, I am an EA and recently acquired my Elder Care Specialists certificate through ACAT. I have owned my own tax and accounting business since 1991. It is currently running a 50/50 split on income from write-up and tax work. I've been in the public arena since 1980, when I got my degree, with a few quick years in private. I prefer the public side. We use Quick Books for all accounting and Lacerte for the tax side. Clients range from small start ups to existing corporations with $3,000,000 in sales.Atmco 16:08, 8 Sep 2005 (CDT).

Paula Wilson, EA

Aloha, I have had my own business for almost 25 years. It started as a word processing service in Marin County, Calif. When that lost its luster, I drew on my Accounting major and started doing books, moved my practice to Petaluma, then to my home in Santa Rosa. I became an EA after a nasty experience involving one of the accountant's I worked with and the IRS. That was about seven or eight years ago. I did a little tax work in California, then sold my practice to relocate to Hawaii. I worked with a CPA in Santa Rosa before moving, then a CPA here in Kailua Kona, then went out on my own, I have a small office in town with one part time assistant. I did about 75 returns this year, mostly personal, but schedule C's and corporations, too. LLC's are very popular here and it seems that everyone you meet has one for some reason or another.

I found out about this site from an e-mail from La Certe and decided to check it out. I'm hoping that it will be helpful in providing some of the nuts and bolts type answers we often need. I am signed up with CFS Tax service, Kleinrock, and PPC all of which help, but they often fall short of the practical advice.

Paula Wilson, EA

Larry Schiavo, EA

Hi to all, I have been a volunteer for VITA/AARP for the last 5 years. I really enjoy helping people. I recently took, passed the enrolled agent exam. I am looking forward to interacting with all of you on the site. LarrySchiavo 16:54, 23 Sep 2005 (CDT)

I forgot to tell you that I found out about this site through "INTUIT"

1031 questions.

Any advice regarding:

Are there any restrictions WHEN a taxpayer can mortgage a piece of acquired debt free property?

Are there any restrictions WHEN a taxpayer can convert acquired income property into a personal residence qualifying for principal residence exclusion when sold?



Yes, a long title for what can be a difficult strategy to apply if you are not careful. When applying these types of strategies, (which would include the use of passive investment on one hand; and strictly an ordinary income offset on the other; with other issues created as a result of this approach), there is always the problem of AMT looming in the background if not the forefront.

Building a model based on various senario's and moreover truely undrstanding the differnt aspects of this entire area of tax, is what I seek to discuss and master ultimately.Obvious, will take some time to be intuitive regarding it's application both short term and long term. Who wants to wade in!? Does anyone have model or models already worked out that we all can appreaciate and utilize? ARCHAIC ARGALIS IN THE DARK....MD


Looking forward to much needed discussions regarding complex investment strategies and their applications....I am a CFP, EA I practice in the managing of individuals and small business overall financial affairs from top to bottom. In doing so find myself faced with many interesting hypothisis to challenge the Physci.... I welcome this collaboration into the

Jerry S. Hogue, CPA

It is great for a sole practitioner to have access to these resources. Why did it take so long?

John Boyd

Hello All, I am sole professional in my own small practice. Have been in the preparation field since 1993, am an EA and consider myself retired (?) Handle lots of small businesses, partnerships, S-Corps in addition to individuals. I use Pro Series from Intuit. Current off-season work has increased with representation cases and stuff other people don't want to handle. Get lots of requests for bookkeeping help from my small businesses but don't want to have that committment interfering with my retirement. Anyone in the Middle Georgia area that provides that leave me a message. Will try Tax Almanac out this season for reference work and see how it goes. Looks to be a great concept. Ya'll Come, John BoydJohn Boyd 11:39, 29 Sep 2005 (CDT)

John Ferris

Greetings; My wife, Shirley, and I have operated our tax service since 1976- about 350 returns/yr. I specialize in Timber taxes, as my off season job is forestry. There are only a few firms who do Form "T", sale of timber.I have an informational form for timber sale info on my website There are 2 tax breaks associated with timber- depletion and capital gains treatment. Jferris 00:17, 4 Oct 2005 (CDT)


Hello, I just found this site and I am intrigued. I am a CPA with over 12 years of tax and some audit experience. I am also a QuickBooks Pro Advisor. I have an office at home and the majority of my clients are small business owners. I am interested in what I can learn from this site and hope I can contribute as well.

Roberts--Roberts 20:07, 6 Oct 2005 (CDT)


I am a new TaxAlmanac visitor with expectations to find great tax help in these pages!


Aloha from Hawaii When I retired from law enforcement in CA I wanted a second career that I could "move" home, so I studied and took the EA test. I am now back in paradise with a successful,12 years running, home business. Most of my clients returns are small business, rentals and a few s-corps. ProSeries is the program I have used all these years.

Searching the web brought me to this site and I was so pleased to see what appears to be a great place to share experience and information. it has been my experience that the preparers are the ones with the know-how. Anuenue

Tom Halbert, CPA


My name is Tom Halbert. I have been a CPA since 1997. I retired from the military in October 1995, and chose accounting as my second career.

My experience includes 5 years in public accounting, where I performed audits and reviews of not-for-profit, and healthcare organizations, tax preparation services for not-for-profit organizations, individuals, corporations (S and C), LLCs, estates, and trusts, payroll tax accounting and preparation, write-up work, and financial statement preparation. I have been employed as an Accounting Manager since December of 2000 at a regional not-for-profit healthcare provider, and have gained experience in all areas of finance, including preparation of Medicare and Medicaid cost reports, Form 990 and Schedules A & B, bond issuance, and numerous accounting, budgeting, and productivity software programs.

I have also operated my own accounting and tax service business since 1996. I offer accounting and write-up work, payroll accounting and tax services, income tax services for all types of entities, and consulting services. I currently maintain 130 individual, and small business clients.

Nobody likes to do research, but if we have to, maybe this new Internet product will help us to do it more efficiently. I too hope that it's highly successful.

With regards Thalbertcpa 20:07, 10 Oct 2005 (CDT)

Business Coach

Hi, I'm a CPA with a small practice, 4 employees and myself. My practice is made up of small businesses and individual tax clients. We create value for our clients by coaching them on business and tax matters. I tell clients to "play by the rules and play to win." Business Coach 14:47, 11 Oct 2005 (CDT)

Marty aka T-Man

Greetings ladies & gentlemen. I hold a M.S. in Taxation & I am an enrolled agent. My B.S. is in accounting. I was an adjunct accounting instructor for over 20 years at the univeristy level. I look forward to exchanging information on a regular basis. Later folks!


Hello everyone,

I am Adel Elgoneimy. My main line of work is Internal and external audting. Some years back I did work as a tax analyst for a major catering chain company operting nation wide.

I am about to expand my small cpa accounting and tax practice to cover tax services focusing on topics of interest to the elderly and deprived population.

I am also interested in international accounting standards and taxes followed by foreign countries compared to US GAAP and tax code. This is an area of interest to american companies doing business in those countries.


Robert G Browning, CPA

Hello everyone! I have been running my own small CPA firm for about 1 year in addition to being an Internal Audit Supervisor for a fortune 100 company. I was an auditor for one of the Big 4 firms; I have about 5 years audit/internal audit experience, and 3 years as a Controller. I have a pretty good background on Sarbanes Oxley compliance and internal controls, but not too much in tax.

I really enjoy the tax environment and hope to learn a lot from you all, and as I learn I hope to be able to contribute to the community!

Cpargb 20:45, 12 Oct 2005 (CDT)

Andrea Fox

Hello all,

I think this site could be very useful tool during the lonely hours of tax season! I started my own accounting business last year after ten years in the industry and am currently finishing my graduate degree in order to be eligible to sit for the CPA exam. I look forward to working with you all, Foxinc26 20:47, 12 Oct 2005 (CDT)

Teresa M Henning


I was searching for information. What makes an event extra-ordinary?

peace teresa

Hi I am Joe Mento Cape May NJ. I am not certified but have been doing taxes for a number of years. I took the EA test in Philadelphia, Pa last month and hopefully I passed. I have a financial background, having served as the CFO of several public companies and more recently worked for a CPA firm in Pennsylvania. Was involved in several mergers and acquistions and divestitures. Also, was involved in taking two companies public. We moved to Cape May about 21/2 years ago to retire;but am now working 5 days a week for a small local firm. We do mostly individual taxes and some partnerships and corporations. At the present the big thing in this area is LLC's


Company Name: Financial Planning Horizons Name: William D. Luisi, BA, MBA, EA, RA

25 year providing personal, small buisness, tax preparation, tax and estate planning, financial planning, portfolio management.

Specializing in individuals, realty, retirement, investment tax matters.

Holly Carroll


I am a CPA working in industry, but also have a small tax practice that I would like to grow. I would like to establish a relationship with another tax professional, so that I could call and get a second opinion. I'd also like to know what references other small tax professionals use, and what they use for a review process (since there's no one else to review their own work).

Would really appreciate some input.

Holly CarrollHcarroll 09:37, 15 Oct 2005 (CDT)

Hello Everyone

Hi everyone, My name is Brad Solomon, CPA. I've recently opened my own practice in West Michigan with my wife, after practicing as a principle with another firm for over 20 years. This is our first year "on our own" and am very excited about the possibilities.

I look forward to this site developing and expanding in popularity. Feel free to drop me a line at

Thanks and good luck to everyone.

Outsourcing Bookkeeping and Tax Return Preparation

Hi I am Rekha Dhanuka from ExcellenceTech, India. We are an outsourcing tax return preparation and bookkeeping and accounting firm and catering to CPA firms. It's a fantastic portal and look forward to see this site being accessed by large number of people and benefitting them. My web address is I look forward to meet people and do business with them.

R C Thomas, Enrolled Agent

Hello! Practically all of my working life has been in taxes. After acquiring my business degree from the University of San Francisco in 1960, I was an IRS Revenue Officer for five years. In January 1966, my wife and myself began our tax practice here in California. I became an enrolled agent in 1975 and have memberships in CSEA and NAEA. We handle all types of tax work except we avoid collection cases unless they are with our current clientele. I will be seventy five in two months and plan to retire in maybe ten years.

Paul Mianulli, CFP®, EA

Hello to everyone! May you all have a wonderful tax season. Wishing everyone peace, good health, and many blessings.


Hi Folks,

We are a small CPA firm (just my wife and I). We do about 500 individual tax returns and a dozen or so each C Corps, S Corps, Partnerships each filing season. The rest of the year we do small payrolls and some write up work. We also serve as a service bureau to one client where we do his A/P and G/L. We receive his input mostly electronically from his main A/P vendor, ADP Payroll and a Point of Sale service bureau that polls the sales information from his retail locations. We use MAS 90 for this somewhat larger client and we use Lacerte for tax return preparation.


Bob Aukerman

I am Bob -- a CPA and tax attorney with a Fortune 500 company in the manufacturing industry located in Michigan. I work mostly in state and local tax plus some fed'l excise tax.

TaxedOut 07:32, 1 Nov 2005 (CST)

Marge Graf

Hi Everyone,

I am presently working in industry (manufacturing) and also have service industry experience.

My background includes State Income, Sales/Use, International and Federal taxation.

I am presently training for the Federal Tax Manager position so I have become exposed to effective tax rate planning, FAS109, Section 199, and deferred compensation issues.

I welcome a new research site and am excited to become an involved member.

Thank you, --MGRAF1080 09:02, 1 Nov 2005 (CST)

Anthony R. Panebianco, CPA

Hi everyone. I am a CPA in New York. I am the Tax Manager of Montrose Accounting Company in New York City. We are a private accounting firm that specializes in high-wealth individuals and trusts & estates. Please visit our website,

I also have a small client base on the side with my brother-in-law. We handle small businesses and middle-income individuals on Long Island and New York City.

Tonypa 11:53, 1 Nov 2005 (CST)


Hi Everyone: I am a CPA and formerly owned a small practice for 11 years. I sold out (burned out) last year and am currently working part-time for a CPA firm in Spokane, WA. I look forward to participating and contributing to this site. Tscpa 13:56, 1 Nov 2005 (CST)

Elizabeth R.

Hello everyone!

us source income to non resident alien


I have been doing income taxes professionally since the 1968 income taxes. I began by working for a former employee of the IRS. Since my husband was in the ministry at that time, he pointed out to me that minister's income taxes were handled differently than the rest of the populace. When I opened my own tax service, I was able to advertise to people headed into the area of ministry. I am still doing the returns for many of them. I find that few people know how to handle taxes for people in this profession. Therefore, I get many new clients every year by referral.

Robert A. Webb, CPA, JD, CFP

I am a CPA and Attorney with my own firms in Birmingham, AL. I have been practicing as a CPA since 1984,an Attorney since 1994 and a CFP since 1994.


i have been preparing tax returns for thirty years. i am not a cpa but i worked for a major corporation for twenty five years. i took a buyout and decided i wanted to be my own boss. i leke accounting, golg and cards




My name is Rhonda Mannes and I am a CPA in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada with over 20 years experience in income tax preparation, planning and representation.

In addition to the tax portion of my practice I also offer bookkeeping serivces to my clients as well as QuickBooks instruction and support.

I am looking forward to interacting with others on this site.

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at


Hi I'm Pat Stoller, I am an Enrolled Agents have been in busines for 24 years.

Valerie Snyder

I am a CPA practicing near Portland, Oregon as a public accountant in my family's tax and accounting business. I've been in practice since 1987 and spend my time working mostly on small businesses organized as corporations, s corporations, partnerships, and LLCs. I also work trusts and estates and have done several 706s for my clients. Our financial statement practice is limited to compilations. I heard about your website through a Lacerte article published on the Intuit website.

Valerie SnyderValerie37 15:55, 7 Nov 2005 (CST)

Brian A. Mahoney, CPA, CrFA

Certified Public Accountant/Business Process Analyst/Certified Forensic Accountant with Master of Science in Taxation. Formerly a Tax Manager with KPMG's Rochester, NY office. Now, consulting in Washington, DC.

I look forward to exchanging thoughts and ideas with you.

I may be reached at

Harvey Goldberg

Hello from the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.Harvey Goldberg 14:01, 8 Nov 2005 (CST)


I am a self-employed tax preparer, using Pro-Series. I have about 150 clients. Most of my clients are just 1040 for Federal and Illinois. I also have several business clients. One of them has over 20 residential rental properties and 3 Sch. C's.

I am interested in any information available about the "Domestic Production Deduction". I have a client who is a carpenter and has one employee. He is NOT incorperated. Will he be able to use this deduction?


My name is Mitchell Friedman. I am an EA who has had his own practice since 1992. Before that, I had the pleasure of working for the Service for about five years. I am interested in other tax practitioners who take a "holistic" approach to taxes-that is, look beyond the numbers and laws and at the people who we serve.

Joan Parsons

Hi Fellow Tax Pros

My name is Joan Parsons and I learned about TaxAlmanac from Pro Series. I own a small bookkeeping, tax service business for the past 13 years. I have worked (as one member put it) with one of the "Big Dogs" in Tax Service as a preparer and as a manager for over 10 years. I am not a CPA nor an accountant but I have been interested in doing taxes and bookkeeping since high school. VT & B is a bookkeeping service serving individuals, families and small local businesses. The clients that I have are like family, and they like getting that little personal touch and making them feel at ease during a stressful time.

I want to increase my business in my home town and and I hope there are other profssionals who are willing to share how they run their practice and how I might grow mine with competition coming from the "Big" Tax Service.

I took a quick look at this site, and from what I have read this could be a great resource and learning tool and I hope that everyone's contribution to this site will benefit all.

Thanks and have a good day.


Neel Wells, CPA

Good Afternoon,

As the owner of a local CPA practice in Houston, TX. My practice services over 600 corporate and individual clients providing accounting services, multi-state and federal tax preparation, and compilation reports. My greatest enjoyment and growth area is in the Business Development Consulting area for investment, start up, acquisitions, mergers and sell of small and growing businesses.

I learned of TaxAlmanac through Pro Series Tax Software. I can understand how this can be of great worth to each of us as tax professionals. In seeking additional understanding about the massive tax issues as the tax laws and the methods implemented by the IRS change almost on a daily basis. It will be a comfort to know there is a location to go and obtain wisdom from other professionals that may have already faced a similar matter.

My email contact point is

Thank you,

Neel Wells

H.C. Colwell

Good Morning,

I am a sole proprietor, tax preparer in South Bend, Indiana. I have been preparing income tax returns for individuals, partnerships, and Sub-S corporations for twenty five years.

I have a few customers for whom I prepare trust returns, non-profit returns, as well as a few small company payroll tax returns.

I currently have a client base of approximately 150 loyal customers, most of whom have returned year after year for my services.

My initial training was received at Indiana University at South Bend, where I complete my BS in accounting. My first practical tax experience was through the VITA program while I was a student.

H.C. Colwell

Linda Dorfmont

I am an industrial engineer and tax practitioner in California.

I have been in practice since 1973. My specialties are small business operations including manufacturing, multilevel marketing, real estate including 1031 exchanges, taxation of foreign nationals and US expatriots, and estates and trusts. I am currently going to school for a paralegal designation and real estate license so I can work more effectively with professionals in those areas. I have been an adjunct professor of tax planning for the College for Financial Planning, and a volunteer instructor for the IRS in small business issues. I also conduct a free public tax workshop in my hometown twice a year for low income taxpayers who have issues beyond the VITA program's capabilities.

As an industrial engineer I design systems and methods of producing work, advise clients on costing and pricing models, assist with marketing plans, and improve profitability. I am a Fellow of the Insitute of Industrial Engineers and active in the Los Angeles Chapter.

Randy Loftin

Hi Everyone,

Greetings from Sonoma, CA, deep in the heart of the beautiful Northern California wine country. After many years in the financial services industry I began tax consulting and tax preparation a few years ago. The tax work makes for a solid foundation upon which my other work is done which is a combination of business structuring and asset protection consulting. I would love to network with you so please give me a call at 707-935-1809 or email at Thanks and Best Wishes to All...

Hello from Palo Alto

Starting up a venture from another Palo Alto's garage;) I am interested in sharing that tax/law related experiences with you all.

Joey Sanchez, EA

Hello, My name is Joey Sanchez, EA. I think this site is wonderful with all the information at our finger tips. I have been preparing Partnership & Corporate Tax Return for over 25 Year. If any preparer has any question please feel free to email me @ or contact me through TaxAlmanac Thank You.

Hello all from Dallas-FtWorth area

I worked as an Fixed Asset Accountant for 10 years while working part-time in my own tax practice. I've been preparing tax returns since 1984, going full-time in 1993. I've had the same clients year after year, adding a few and lossing a few when their taxes become 1040EZs. My motto is: "I do every tax return as if it were my own".

Bob Cobb, MBA, EA

Hi Everyone, I'm a sole proprietor EA in upstate NY, with about 225 income tax clients (lots of sched Cs). I left industry in 1979 to start my own bookkeeping/tax service and became an EA in 1989. I also have a small number of quarterly PR clients. In 1994, my wife & I built an addition on our house in order to bring my Mom home to live with us instead of a nursing home.It worked out well and she was with us until she passed away in 1998. I then turned her apartment into a home office and have used it ever since. During tax season, my wife mans the phones and I do the work, using Creative Solutions Ultra Tax. (I started with Pencil Pushers; then MicroVision and now UT). This method suits me well. I don't want to get any bigger and have to add people. I work very hard during tax season and spend the rest of the year relaxing with my stamp collection, my Magic hobby and Trout fishing. I try hard to stay up to date but being alone often causes me to have questions so I'm looking forward to learning things and contributing to this site. I found out about it from the "Web Cites" column in Accounting Today. Bcobbny 15:05, 15 November 2005 (CST)

Howard Samuels, CPA MST

Hi all - I am the managing and founding partner in S&C LLP located in NYC. I am a CPA in NY and have a Masters degree in taxation. At S&C, we specialize in freelancers (both incporated and sole proprietors) and small businesses. We do everything from acting as a CFO to just doing tax returns. We do NOT do audit work and do not want to. I think this could be a great site for reference purposes and to discuss tax issues but it has to grow first by having as many professioanls as possible sign up.

Steve Brooks, CQA

Hi everyone! My name is Steve Brooks. The CQA stands for Certified QuickBooks Advisor! No, I am not a CPA but a CQA! as I tell all my clients. However, I have credentials and training to qualify me to take the CPA exam I just never have sat for the exam since I chose a different career path. While in college (many years ago) I was preparing to enter the field of aviation. While studying to achieve a BBA in Aviation Management I took several elective courses that led to an almost second major in Accounting (one course shy - Auditing II). It was while attending college that I worked as a Junior Accountant for a local CPA firm assisting in tax preparation (using one of the first computer prepared tax preparation systems - 80 column IBM cards and all!). I then went into the military upon college graduation and became a B-52 pilot for the USAF. Twenty-one years later I retired from the USAF and was hired by American Airlines and just recently retired from that position as B-767/B-757 Captain. I now have turned my part time tax preparation and bookkeeping services into a third career using ProSeries tax preparation software and QuickBooks consulting services. I look forward to offering whatever expertise I can to this forum and I look forward to interacting with all those that are a part of this fine project. Please visit my website at - you will be treated to a young fellow and his 'go fast' airplane! Steve Brooks 08:54, 20 November 2005 (CST)

Greg Broiles, JD, EA

I'm a tax attorney in San Jose, California. I do a mix of 1040's, 1041's, 706's, and 709's. I prepare current returns for a few favorite clients but for the most part the returns I prepare are amended returns or back-year returns for people who find themselves in tax trouble. I also do estate planning and estate administration work (hence 1041/706/709 returns).

I've got one more final exam to take on 12/13/05 and then I'll have an LLM in Taxation from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

gbroiles 22:33, 6 December 2005 (CST)

Pushpinder Kumar, Fresno, CA

Income Tax Preparer , working in Fresno, California.

Pushpinder Kumar

Liz Burnside

Hi everyone,

I've been doing small business accounting and taxes since 1976, and using Lacerte since 1985. Things have changed a lot in the last 30 years, but it's my earnest hope that we can develop a Lacerte users forum here to share hints about using the program. I thought I'd let the guys in Texas have a rest this year!

Liz 12:13, 13 December 2005 (CST)

Rebecca L. Martin, CPA (Alaska)

I am new to TaxAlmanac and heard about it from Lacerte.

I am an Alaska CPA and moved to Anchorage after my graduation with a BS/MS from the University of North Texas. I have over 9 years of experience, over 1 year with Deloitte & Touché and almost 5 years with a 32-person regional firm, leaving as a tax manager. In 2003, I began my own firm, specializing in estate, gift, and trust compliance, research and planning.

Although I would love to be completely specialized in estate, trust and gift, living in the Anchorage area lends itself to a more generalist practice. I continue to service small service businesses (of various entity types) and some individuals.

I began using Lacerte software with the 2004 tax season. I also occasionally use QuickBooks for clients, mostly for my own practice's accounting. Other software regularly used includes EVP (Estate Valuation Pricing), TValue, and the basic Microsoft office programs - Word, Excel, and Outlook.

RLMCPA 01:00, 14 December 2005 (CST)

Michael G Raiten Clu, ChFC

Hi Folks: I have been preparing indivdual tax returns since 1968. I retired from selling Insurance in 1997 so I will not try to sell you insurance if you have to contact me. I specialize in New York State and New York City returns especially part year residents of New York City. I am new to tax almanac as I have heard about it from Lacerte which I just started using last year.

Bob Betts LTP


After 20 + years in technical, financial and operational management in the high technology industry I became a License Tax Preparer in the State of Oregon and have been so for the past four years. I also spent two years at the IRS as a contact and account rep. I am part of a 5 person tax services and consulting business Portland. I look forward to using this site for getting good summary information when the IRS pubs or other resources do not address specific issues with both individual and corporate accounts.

Cheers.Bobbetts 12:25, 18 January 2006 (CST)

Darren L. Neuschwander, CPA

This site could be a great resource for our profession. I look forward to reading the various topics and submissions, along with adding my own topics and feedback. If you would like more information on me, please visit my bio page on our Firm's website:

I am a CPA practicing in Southern California. I always enjoyed the discussion of tax experts


My name is D. some call me Del and I'm currently not a CPA but on my way there. I am in business with three other partners and we just closed the deal as franchise owner for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. I'm still school, and still learning so this is a big challenge for me I have less then a year to learn as much as I can about the do's and don't about TAXES. I have seen many of you have lots of knowledge that I wish to absorb. This is a great learning and sharing tool that I have found.

Mona M. Stauffer, CPA

Hello - My name is Mona M. Stauffer. I am a CPA is Colorado and own a small tax practice. I have used this site numerous times to assist me in the preparation of complicated tax return and am so thankful to have a site that is so helpful with my research. Thank for you for the quick responses.

W. Jeff Cotton, Jr., CPA, MBA

Good evening. I am pleased to find such a great idea flourishing on the net which is geared toward the study of taxation.

My background - CPA/Accountant 11 years. Last 7 in financial planning work with brokerage firm. Opened local firm with former employer in 04. Due to a relationship with a local attorney I have served and created a small (sub-entity) which conducts QI services.

Leatherneck 21:06, 29 January 2008 (CST) W.J. Cotton, Jr., CPA, MBA

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