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Hi everyone, my name is Greg. I am 32 years old and received a master's degree in accounting from the University of Kentucky in August of 2007. I am currently working in public accounting and studying for the CPA exam. My area of study in school was tax and I do the bulk of the tax research for my firm, as well as a good deal of individual, C/S-corp., and partnership work. I have just about 5 years of tax experience so I certainly would not claim to be an expert in tax (or anything else for that matter), but I am gaining experience and adding to my knowledge base everyday. I have a beautiful and extremely talented wife and an amazing eleven year-old daughter - two of the most wonderful people I have ever met. My true calling is music (guitar player and singer), and I play professionally where I live. Tax work is fascinating to me and it pays the bills while I explore my musical ambitions. Thanks to all that share on this site, it is truly a unique and valuable resource.


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