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Hello, my name is Don James and I go by the nickname Growthguy2. I am a new user as I haven't yet participated in any discussions (as of 1-4-11) although I have followed several of the Forum discussions which I found through Google searches. I have been elected the tax "go-to" guy for our 12-person CPA firm located in the Cleveland, Ohio area. (So I appreciate all your help!!)

My experience includes:

INDIVIDUAL & SMALL BUSINESSES - I provide tax and wealth advisory services for high net worth individuals, closely held corporations and partnerships, family groups, community associations, and corporate executives in need of complex financial & multi-generational planning. I enjoy participating in the qualitative aspects as well as the quantitative aspects of the planning process.

ESTATE & TRUST RETURN PREPARATION – I work with several local-area probate attorneys providing the tax compliance aspects of winding up an estate, post-death planning strategies, and on-going trust return preparation.

COLLEGE CONSULTING – I am currently a member of Fox College Funding Academy which helps parents with a college-bound high school student, who won’t qualify for need-based financial aid, reduce their college expenses by thousands of dollars. I am a firm believer that College Planning is a subset of Retirement Planning.

I look forward to participating in this Forum.

If you'd like to leave me a message, just select the discussion tab at the top of this page.

Thank you!


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