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Discussion:Anyone want a lot of ITIN and Overseas Referrals

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Tax Writer (talk|edits) said:

23 March 2014
I'm not taking anymore new clients, and I get a ton of emails from an online article on one of my websites (if you search for the term "how to get an ITIN" in quotes, mine is the #1 web hit, right after the IRS listing. The article gets approximately 5,000 web hits a month (I just looked at the analytics before I posted this, and the hits are 4,111). I would like to direct those referrals to someone else. I already listed a certified acceptance agent (a lawyers office in Canada), but they don't do tax returns, so they only do the ITIN application (for $300, plus VAT). Here's the kicker; I don't know how many calls you will get from this page, so if you don't actually need (or want) the business, then I would rather not list your firm. Most of the calls will probably be from overseas individuals, and many of them are seeking free advice. I don't respond to any of them (not even to email them back), because I have a disclaimer on the article that I don't do any tax consulting for overseas individuals (plus I'm not taking anymore clients anyway) but still, they persist.

Any takers? If you want these referrals, I'll add an info link to the bottom of the page and I can even add your info to the next edition of my author's reference. Once again, I do know how much traffic this article generates, but I don't know how much of that will translate into paying clients, but either way, I'm not answering their emails, so...

Here's the website:

Fsteincpa (talk|edits) said:

23 March 2014
Christy, I forwarded the link to one of my associates who specializes in overseas clients. I do believe he is on TA but isn't that active from a posting standpoint.

I just had a call from a lady whose parents are moving here from England and I had referred her to both my friend John and to Lizzit.

She was very pleased after speaking to John, not sure if she contacted Lizzit yet.

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