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Discussion:Punxsutawney Phil Sees Shadow, and...

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Harry Boscoe (talk|edits) said:

2 February 2014
...and the Stupor Bowl will be played in New Jersey later today. I am already tired of the hype. The Stupor Bowl hype, certainly not the Punxsutawney Phil hype.

And what's this recent story about the NFL being a huge income tax dodge? There's a book out, I think, and it accuses the NFL of not carrying its weight, tax-wise. I relish *another* reason to bash professional football. Any takers?

Let's Go, Redskins!!

Umk395 (talk|edits) said:

2 February 2014
Phil is just down the road (I-80) -- likely upset that he had his few minutes in the sun this morning only to be "overshadowed" by the Big Game down the road a piece.

Tax season officially "kicks off" tomorrow....

Good luck to all -- keep the stress level (and errors) down this year.

STG (talk|edits) said:

2 February 2014
King of Sports by Gregg Easterbrook - excellent read. Everyone should read his Tuesday Morning Quarterback column. The guy has written books on an amazing array of subjects. Can you tell I'm a big fan? Resisting urge to put amazon link.......

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