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Mike Davolio, TaxAlmanac Team Member

I am a Senior Tax Consultant with Intuit and have worked for Lacerte / Intuit since 1987. I am a certified public accountant and a member of the bar association.

I am one of the original three people responsible for launching TaxAlmanac, a huge task completed in about 6 weeks. As a team member, my emphasis is on the tax side of the product. The team relies on me to determine the various types of tax content we should provide on the website (Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations, IRS Publications, etc.).

My position with Lacerte / Intuit has evolved over the years. I started out and continue to help the tax developers analyze and test tax and program changes made to the software. Other responsibilities include or have included: government liaison, legislation tracker, client organizer lead, tax training lead, etc.

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