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New Discussion Forums are Here!

As members of the TaxAlmanac community, you have made it very clear that you want and need a better way to communicate with each other. Based upon your feedback, we're excited to announce that a new discussion forum has now been implemented!


  • Discussion Threads grouped by categories.
  • Easy to start or join in on a discussion.
  • Removes the hassle - posts are automatically signed and dated.
  • Current discussions are sorted to the top - so you can keep up with what others are talking about.
  • Replaces the Ask or Answer a Tax Question, User Introduction, and TaxAlmanac Feedback pages.


One of the things that we've learned from the beta launch of TaxAlmanac is that the community wants to interact with one another, and they need to do so much more quickly than the current site is allowing them to. People have used the Ask or Answer a Tax Question page much more than we anticipated, and that's a good thing. However, because there's no mechanism to alert the community that a question has been asked, answers are delayed until someone who knows the answer happens to come to the site, look at this page, and provide the answer. In the reverse manner, the people who have asked the questions have no way of knowing that their question has been answered. We understand your frustration and we've been working hard to implement a new system which will allow the community to more easily and quickly interact with and assist each other.

User Talk Pages - Everyone who creates an account has a 'talk' page where you can leave them messages. When others leave you messages, you will be alerted the next time you load a page on the site. Simply select the 'my talk' link from the very top of any page to view your messages.

Current Discussion Topics

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