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Hello, my name is David. I am an EA in the great state of Texas. I recently, 2007, became an EA after 5 years of experience in the field of tax preparation. Even more recently, 2013, I became a NTPI Fellow so I will do my best to help answer questions related to Client Representation and IRS Problem Solving.

I am not a CPA, don't wish to be, but I feel the CPA designation is one that is an honor to hold; no CPA bashing here. I didn't choose to seek the CPA designation because my career interests are concentrated on taxation and representing taxpayers before the IRS. I actually like when my clients say they are "meeting with their CPA" so I can respectfully correct them.

Thanks to all on this site who work hard to help others, it truly is what makes this world work.

Circular 230 Disclosure: Don't believe a word this guy says!


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