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Cpaeth (talk|edits) said:

17 March 2011
I am still fairly new to these pages. I continue to be wowed by the vast amount of superior information and resources but continue to be stymied by not catching on to how to search effectively and not being able to understand which "areas" contain which types of information or even how to navigate around. (I hope you'll trust me that I'm smarter than I'm sounding...)

Today, though, my questions relate to how to completely print a Code Section and how TA's Codes Sections vary from Cornell University's.

1) When at Code Section 6651, I can see the whole Statute on the screen, but when I print it, the statute cuts off at the end of the piece of paper that it starts on and the next sheet begins with Sources. (The same "pagination" occurs with Amendments.) Therefore, my printout for the Statute portion is incomplete. Do I need to do something different in order to be able to print out the complete 6651 from TA.

2) Also, can someone please confirm that I'm understanding accurately the difference between TA's Code and Cornell University's? TA's overall says it's up to date as of mid-2007. On Cornell's, for 6651, it says it's up to date as of Feb 1, 2010. Are there other differences between the two, please?

Thank you for your help.

MilTaxEA (talk|edits) said:

17 March 2011
The IRS website takes you directly to Cornell, so I would trust that more than TaxAlmanac. Plus, it is much more user friendly on Cornell's website (e.g., links to other code references), and it prints out much cleaner.

Trillium (talk|edits) said:

18 March 2011
If I print TA's version of Sec. 6651, I get the code part over the first three pages, then sources, then misc, etc. I wonder if there's something strange about your print setup that makes your strange formatting happen, as TA is built on a wiki foundation, where there is absolutely no concept of pages. It's just one, long, stream of consciousness per article, code section, etc. Sorry you're having trouble with it, though. Try printing from a different computer or to a different printer and see what happens?

But I agree with Miltax about using Cornell. The TA code and regs are both supposed to be completely refreshed, soon, but I don't really know when "soon" is (and it's surely not in the past!). And as you pointed out, the code's nearly 4 years out of date here! The regs are even more out of date! It's just too risky to trust that you remember the nuances of all of the congressional acts that affected the tax code since 2007.

Other than being out-of-date, though, Cornell's site and TA's come from the same source. Cornell just has funding to keep theirs updated more frequently.

Miltax provided the link for the code, here's the link for regs: eCFR.

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