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Tax resolution business


I have increasingly developed an interest in tax resolution work, not sure why, but how did you grow your practice to where it is now? Is it all you do? Did it grow from a "regular" tax practice? How do you market your services? Are you simply driving people to your website with web placement, etc? I notice your site indicates that you serve (or have served) clients in 47 states? I am in Florida

Do you continue doing the tax work for those you have helped in either releasing a levy or with an OIC?

Just wondering. Thanks for any thoughts you would be willing to share. You can also reach me via email at thanks


What did you mean by "props" in your post regarding the IRS audit? I have never heard of that. Natalie 15:18, 14 January 2008 (CST)Natalie

Thanks Steve. I should have checked with a dictionary first.Natalie 15:40, 14 January 2008 (CST)Natalie


Saw this as I was researching one of your references,do they really take the time energy and effort to come up with this? [Policy Statement 1–3]


How did the tax court?

Skass: how did the tax court petition go? I respect your guts for jumping in there. It will only get easier as you go along. CrowJD 19:09, 24 March 2008 (CDT)


Steve, I just posted a response to the thread about filing late 941's referencing an annonymous thanks for your help when I was working through the same situation with my client. I left it annonymous at this point since I wasn't sure if you would want to take a call from that poster. If you don't mind my using your name in connection with your help, I'll go back and edit my post. Business is business, but sometimes it's business you might prefer not to have.

Revenue Officer

Hi there -

Can you offer anymore information on what is involved in flied calls? Can you offer any advice?

J E T S Jets Jets JETS

Yes, being a Jet fan is masochistic. And what team do you like?

And what's worse is being a Jet fan surrounded by all those damn NE Cheatriot fans ranting and raving with their arrogance.

The Ryan Express

Diehard Jets fan here so I know what you mean. I used to have season tickets through various people for a few years. Been to quite a few games and quite a few road games as well. In fact, a buddy of mine is planning a road trip to a Ravens game possibly in November/December. He has a friend with season tickets. Gonna be a CPA road trip.

And yes, I am psyched with Ryan and the other NY Ravens we now have. Our defense fell apart last year.

Also off to Denver in Oct to check out the Patriots/Broncos game. We try to hit a different away stadium every year. Seem's like the games we go to tend to be quite memorable. Back in 2001, we went to the Jets-Saints game where Kyle Turley threw the Jet helmet across the field. I also almost got my ass kicked by a former Saints player after we broke into their hall of fame celebration while I was wearing my Chrebet Jersey. Took my son to the buffalo jets game this past year in buffalo and we sat behind Jim Kelly and since my son had a Jet Poster, when he asked Jim to sign it at the end of the game, he looked at it, looked up in disgust, saw it was for a kid, then wrote Jets Suck on it. I thought that was awesome. My kid knew not who kelly was, but we spent the 6 hour ride home with me telling him how much I hated Kelly, but also that he was one of the greatest to ever play the game. My kid was psyched.

And yes, we went down to Tampa for the Ravens-Giants SB. My brother lives down there so we crashed at his house. We didn't get into the game, but we tailgated in the parking lot and got into a few misadventures. We snuck into and eventually got kicked out of an ESPN trailer. We did break into the ESPN zone, that was fun.

Went down again this year, but being a little older and worn out from the frivolity of the previous days drinking binges, we decided to just watch the game at my brothers friends house.

Did you make a determination?

Steve: re: [1]

Just wondering how you resolved the issue.


TexCPA 11:43, 29 March 2010 (CDT)

4180 Interview

Hey Steve,

Got a client here who didn't pay his payroll taxes for 2008. Owes about $31,000 after penalties and interest.

IRS guy is coming here for the 4180 interview tomorrow. Most of the payroll taxes owed is due to him paying himself payroll to up his social security amount. He is trying to sell his convenience store/gas station and he plans on using that money to pay off the liability.

It is a two person S-Corp. He has no money, so the 433's for him should be fine, but his partner/girlfriend has Trust Fund money. She gets monthly stipend, but she has bills and expenses against most of it.

I've filled out 433's during OIC phases before and haven't had issues, but I've never had a 4180 interview before. Looking for some guidance here.

I've worked with the RO before and he is pretty fair, but a stickler for details. Which I guess is good.

Is there anyway to get any of the penalties, or even the amounts owed reduced? And from my standpoint, I don't mind bringing on a consultant for this if it will benefit my client.

He says he received some relief for a similar situation for either the 2006 or 2007 tax year.

I'm planning on the interview and then putting together the appropriate game plan immediately after.

Would truly appreciate thoughts/comments/guidance.

Fsteincpa 10:17, 25 May 2010 (CDT)

no problem

I just was linking the discussions. Kevinh5

Off topic

So, do you really suffer from migraines? I've had them for 35+ years; fortunately they have subsided substantially in the last five years. It is unusual for men to be migraine sufferers; approx 80% of migraine sufferers are female. If you wern't joking in your post - you have my sympathies.


Damned if you do, damned if you don't....I remember some of the rebound impacts when I used to have when I took meds for the migraines. Brutal stuff. Sorry to hear about your back; one of my employees is having surgery for a herniated disc (lumbar area) on Tuesday - her pain is tremendous. Take care of yourself. Belle 10:30, 27 August 2010 (CDT)

Steve, could you please

email me at - I have an offline discussion question to ask. Thank you. Kevinh5

Steve, please take a look at this discussion

Discussion:Is it possible to help this guy? and see if any more needs to be said. Thanks. Kevinh5

Got to get past the cheaters first


That's the match-up I am hoping for too. Those pesky friggin pats are in the way tho. My thought is that the Jets march through Indy, Pats and Ravens to face the Seattle Seahawks in the SB and then no one gives the Jets any credit for winning cause it's the Seahawks and Jets.

Fsteincpa 14:00, 12 January 2011 (UTC)


Steve, I need to send you an email about someone I referred to you. Can you please send me an email so that I can have your email address? Please send to Thanks. DaveFogel 21:43, 5 January 2012 (UTC)

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