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PA Depreciation

You might find what you want in here:

My recollection is that you can add back depreciation to the basis if there was no tax benefit and if straight line was used. I recall this was in the instruction booklets several years ago but since the State stopped sending them, I have no idea. In other words I believe the basis is not reduced

I found this: "Tax Benefit Rule” applies to all taxpayers and the use of mandatory straight-line depreciation in arriving at Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax basis applies regardless of whether tax benefit was secured for Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax purposes. Refer to the comprehensive example." Try Chapter 12.

Death&Taxes 07:15, 15 March 2010 (CDT)

Amish and MWP

Hi, I was just wondering what you are doing on all the Amish that are still getting the $ 800.00 check for the MWP credit, I have had three Amish call me in the last two days that have gotten a check. I think they would all three would send them back if I tell them they need too. Do you think is the correct way to handle this. I too have talked to a couple of people at the IRS and they think they should be getting the MWP credit since they work. If you can convience someone to pull the form and do it line by line they will see that you are right, but still think they should qualify. I hate to have them send the checks back if the IRS is not going to be asking for them back. You would think after all the calls they have received that would have corrected this by now. Sharon

Nice formatting!

I think you did a great job of segregating the issues and stating everything clearly.

One question right off the top - I'm hoping that "Jonas" is a pseudonym, and maybe you should actually say so in the post (i.e., "I will be starting with the middle son, JONAS, not his real name.") If it is his real name, maybe use the "edit this page" tab to change it to something else? Just in case? Or maybe I'm paranoid about people finding things on the internet when they weren't even looking for them... (acknowledging, also, that Jonas himself isn't likely to be surfing around, kind of by definition, but people know other people...).

Also, I haven't gone back yet to see whether or not you've experimented with linking between discussions or not, but in case not, here is the text you'll want to copy and paste to link back to this first discussion when you post the next one:

[[Discussion:A Whale of a Mess]]

Copy everything from the double brackets at the start to the double brackets at the end, including the square brackets.

Good luck!

Trillium 23:25, 30 May 2010 (CDT)

Love Chocolate!

Thanks Sharon. Hope all goes quickly at the hospital. I know what it's like to have your little one in the hospital.

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