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Grantor Trusts

OK, Alton, you've been at this twice as long as me and you're asking ME questions? Man....

As to issuing 1099's for Grantor Trusts, I don't recall having done that. I often just do a grantor trust letter, I have one annually now, and have had another for a few years previous. You merely receive in the INT/DIV's and then enter your recipients' SS#'s, addresses, etc. with the % that flows to each, and out pops a K1-like page with their share of all income items, which they then merely include on the Sch. B of their 1040. That's about all I know of them, sorry. Jeff JR1

Please don't post duplicate questions

You completely lose the benefit of the new posts building on the prior ones, and to the extent the questions's been addressed once, you waste people's time starting from zero a second time. Also, it makes life harder for those who use the search box later and find both of your partial discussions.

I've consolidated your two discussions here: Discussion:Trust Formation Paperwork, and if you have follow-up questions please post them on that one discussion.

Thanks very much,

Trillium 12:14, 15 March 2011 (UTC)

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