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form 1041

Gayla, Are you sure this is on 1041 line 18 ( income distribution deduction) Looks more like something that would be on 15a (deduction not subject to the 2% floor) Is this the only maintance expense they have? ProSeries doesn't even support 741. The other program I have does not let you make an entry on line 6 (741). It carries from Federal. Dennis is the estate & trust expert but I not sure that he can help you on Kentucky. Sorry I'm not much help. Sharon

KY Fiduciary Return

Sorry, I've never seen one. Dennis

I would check into Pub 4492-B because I am seeing some breaks for storm ravaged areas in the Midwest and he may be in that area?? Even from C.C. debt in my point of view although I can't convince my superiors to support me on this for one of my clients.

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