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married in 06 sold 2 homes in 2 years

I was looking for specific information on my situation and this discussion seemed close but not exact. Could I resurrect an old topic? My husband and I married in 2006 and we each had our own home which we lived in for 4 years respectively. We put our homes on the market shortly after we married and we never lived in each other's home (we moved in to a family member's home). We meet the regulations for code 121 individually but my home sold in Nov 2006 and his home didn't sell until Jan 2007. So the question is do we file MFS for 2006 and 2007 so that I can use my 250k exclusion this year and he can use his 250k in 2007???? We don't want to file jointly and then miss out on the exclusion for his sale next year. (What makes this more frustrating is that the homes took so long to sell and his buyer kept extending the closing date - so it fell into the next year!) Your help is greatly appreciated.

Long-time TaxAlmanac member

Hi, Joel, I see you've been a member of TaxAlmanac since August 2005 - so you were among the first - welcome back!

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