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Forgive me but is there away to claim dependent relative expenses, I took care of all of my mother expenses last year and the only thing I have to work with is the worksheet but is not changing my refund at all and I paid out alot of money. Please help if you don't mind.

Your question about FSAHBDV


FSAHBDV's dollar value is the total Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Before-Tax-Deduction taken from your total benefit package. On your earnings statement it can be seen by looking at the Before-Tax-Deduction box. This is the third box down, first on the left on your earnings statement.

It is on the W-2 just to let you know how much your employer spent on your health benefits last year.

Rick Gartner

real estate prof

thanks for your help. sometimes I try to read too much into what the IRS therefore the need for clarification. thanks for not beating me up for asking the question!!! Nancy



That sounds great. Any chance you could share it with me.

Sbcpa 09:18, 16 April 2008 (CDT)



You can send it to Thanks so much!

Sbcpa 07:17, 17 April 2008 (CDT)

Yours was the answer to a question I'm researching that seemed most applicable to my situation. There are a number of questions. But one was whether I could start a new sole proprietorship and report expenses for that year but no income on a Schedule C. Are you sure? Not training but office use. I have extensive work product for the year to show but it just didn't earn money.

Second question is how to handle a home-office Form 8829 carryforward from two years earlier when I actually had income and expenses in another business but obviously not enough income to use all my allowable 8829 expenses. There was also some depreciation that stacked up that year. So the business changed from economic and workforce development to renewable energy over a two year period And I skipped a year of filing a Schedule C and 8829 because during that year I earned money working for a community college and got a W-2. The Schedule C on the first business was loaded with these carryforwards. Are they lost or can I move them to my new business in renewable energy which is now starting to earn money?

Lets say the amount is over the annual exemption and the gift tax form is need to be filed, does the donor have to pay taxes on the difference or does it actually need to be documented only to the IRS?

Your NJ non-resident question

Hi, Joan -

You posted a question at the end of an existing Consumer Forum question, and luckily that hasn't seemed to limit the responses you're getting, since D&T and some of the other NJ experts read the consumer forum quite often. However, your questions deserve to be over on the tax pro forum where they'll get a larger audience - but at the same time it didn't seem right to move the entire discussion, most of which is clearly DIYs, back over to the tax forum. So the discussion has been languishing on the consumer forum for a week...

After thinking about it a bit, I've decided that it makes sense to start a new Tax Forum discussion for your question, along with the related answers. I'll use the same name as the old discussion, and I'll rename the other discussion so that it starts off with "Consumer question." The old one can stay in Consumer Questions, and the new one will be in the Tax Forum.

I wanted to warn you what I was doing since the first thing you'll notice is the renaming of the old discussion, followed after a little while by the creation of your new discussion, and I didn't want you to be confused if you came in while I was halfway done. I'll put a link to the new discussion at the end of the old one so people will know how to find it.

Trillium 18:08, 28 March 2009 (CDT)

Mail clients

How do you verify identity on your mail clients? Thanks


Your insight would be helpful!

Hi, Joan - I was hoping you'd be here today. Have you read Discussion:CA RDPs, Community Property, 2 kids, HOH? yet?

I'm told my brainstorming idea about ignoring CP rules for the HOH household expenses calculation is probably not gonna fly, but ignoring that, do you have any other ideas?

Thanks, and good luck with your own RDP returns.

Trillium 18:49, 24 February 2011 (UTC)


Hi Joan,

Thanks for your help. I have been seriously working some complicated RDP clients out of 2 different offices. I am their go-to guy. It seems to be settling out fairly well. Are you using Lacerte?

It is hard to say what the most interesting one has been so far, but the guys (one is green card) who have a rental in France and over 50k Euros (read FBAR requirement).

Good luck this season,


RDP/Same-Sex Spouse Health Insurance Imputed Income

Hi Joan, I saw that you posted about a situation with a same sex RDP couple and how the new community property wage splitting affects the taxability of health benefits. One spouse has earned income, one has no income. Health care benefits for the non-working spouse are not included as federal income on the working spouse's W2 as the working spouse has claimed the non-working spouse as a dependent. My question is - by splitting the community property income 50/50 over the 2 returns, does this defeat the ability of the working spouse to claim the other as a dependent for health insurance purposes. I was wondering if you ever got an answer, as I have not been able to find a definitive answer to this question. Any guidance you can provide would be most helpful. Thank you.

Finding who left you a message

Hi, Joan - at the top/center of the page, there's a tab called "history" and if you click it, it shows the user info and time stamp for any changes to your talk page (or any discussion, or whatever page you're on).

That shows that the person who left you that note at 00:18, 9 April 2011 was User:Taxlgbt.

In the discussion you started tonight, I've added a link to your prior discussion for others who see your post, and don't have the history memorized! Maybe you and taxLGBT will both get a response from somebody new!

Trillium 04:46, 9 April 2011 (UTC)

You're not the only one

Sometimes TA will do it to you even when you don't press the save button twice (or maybe there was a slight double-click on the save button...that's all it takes to create a duplicate post).

You can then click "edit this page" at the top of the page and take out the extra one - just delete from the initial squiggly start brackets all the way to the end squiggly brackets on the second of your posts. And it's as if it never happened! (Although as with any other edit on a wiki platform, it'll show up as having happened in the page history tab up at the top.

Trillium 15:26, 9 July 2011 (UTC)

Joanmcq If you document your attempts to get client to increase salary, you are also documenting the fact that you had knowledge that the reported salary was too low. This could expose you to penalties under IRC 6694. I suggest you walk a fine line and have verbal discussions with clients. If they do not raise salary to a level you can argue with a straight face use the 80-20 rule and fire them. Rgds Tom

Nevada, California

As soon as I typed that tile, I realized it could have two meanings: California may well consider Nevada to be nothing more than another of their cities (ha). I was just intending to separate the two states with a comma.....

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that your comment got moved out of Luke's discussion about the FTB NOL carryforward issue, because MP's comments went way too political, especially his response to you. So when his posts were moved, yours went along with them. You can find them all now at Discussion:Corporation formed in Nevada owner living and working in California in the chat forum. Feel free to carry on there as you like (or to ignore as you like!).

Trillium 22:11, 21 March 2012 (UTC)

workman's comp audit

Hi Joan-Thank you for offering me the work however I am not able to consider it at this time. I am totally swamped right now. I understand your feelings about handling this situation. I was totally unnerved by my client getting a $60,000 penalty. However it really was not difficult to resolve. I think the large penalties are just a scare tactic . I don't think NYS wants to put small businesses out of business because of an honest mistake or oversight. Reserch the section I gave you-you can just google it. Write a letter expaining that it was an error due to their misunderstanding of the need for insurance especially since they are out of state and request that it be calculated under that code section. It takes awhile to hear back from them but they agreed on the first round and as I said reduced it to just under $500. Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me further if need be. good luck.

Just wanted to ask what software you currently use?


I am in Asheville, NC

but pretty conversant on same-sex tax issues. My phone is 828-650-9444 and my email is if you want to pass these on to whomever needs them. Thanks for thinking of me! Kevinh5 15:29, 11 June 2013 (UTC)

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