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Thanks for updating your user page

When you updated the link to your website on the Tax Resource Resources page last week, it prompted me to look into the history of that page, which is an article but of course primarily acts as a kind of Table of Contents to research tools available within TaxAlmanac. Most of the other links on that page were placed there by the site hosts, Intuit, during the development of the site, and there were also three links that were added by users with relatively heavy usage of TaxAlmanac. Yours was the only link that had been added by someone who wasn’t also participating in the discussion forums.

In fact, the only contributions made to TaxAlmanac by either Jn or this user ID involved adding or modifying the offsite link, and both users had nothing but the boilerplate info on the user profile page. Adding to my concern, the link was labeled as though it would go to google, but in fact it goes to your own website. As a result, the link appeared to be an inappropriate use of TaxAlmanac to drive traffic to your website, which would be in violation of the “no vanity page/advertising” policies (e.g., "Please don't try to promote your product or business. Please don't insert external links to your commercial website unless a neutral party would judge that the link truly belongs in the article," which is from Help:Adding a new article).

Now that you’ve updated your user page/profile, that removes one of the objections I had (that the user was unknown, basically). My other concern, that the source and the destination of the link were not clear, can be resolved by some rearranging of the “Books & Other Tax Research Resources” section of the page so that the user-provided links are separated from the resources provided by the site hosts, and carry some explanatory remarks. I’ll make those changes after I’ve left this note for you.

It still bothers me a bit that a non-participating user is adding offsite links – I think the intent is more that users would recommend sites they themselves rely on to complement their use of TaxAlmanac (as opposed to sites they’ve developed and/or are marketing), but perhaps you’ll now join in on some of the tax and/or business growth discussions?

Trillium 01:12, 26 June 2009 (CDT)

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