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Be careful

OK - the history behind my comments about quitting. When I was in my mid-late 20's, I worked for a large local firm. I saw some things going on that made me nervous. Managers/Partners told me everything was fine. There is no problem. We are covered...engagement letters, management rep letters, we have documentation, etc... I decided to leave the firm. Several people told me I was over-reacting. It is no big deal.

About a year later, all heck breaks loose. Bankruptcies, IRS audits, civil lawsuits and criminal charges against the client. CPA firm and partners named in lawsuits. Then criminal charges against partner, mgr and staff on the job. When it was all said & done, client went to jail, a partner was convicted, a sr mgr & supervisor lost their license and CPA firm went bankrupt.

Davidcpa 21:12, 25 November 2009 (CST)

Duplicate discussions

will be deleted - there is no need to start another discussion to ask the same question. One, you can just post a further question in your current discussion to refresh it and bring it back to the top of the discussion list, and two, sometimes people tire of giving answers and will expect you to post what research you have done through other sources. TaxAlmanac is certainly not your only research material available. You probably have texts from accounting and tax college or CPE classes you have taken. What do they tell you? Kevinh5

Dentist - fraud

Been there, done that. Having the client put in writing that something is business when you know it is personal will not supercede the facts. I think you've gotten some good advice. I would talk with the owner first, an attorney after that if there's still an issue. Natalie 15:03, 4 March 2010 (CST)Natalie


You may want to remove the city and state from your profile. It isn't difficult to google and find out information you may not want unearthed, such as the name of the firm.

In all honesty,

if you'd like that whole discussion deleted, let me know. I'm about to leave the office but will wait two minutes for you to respond. Otherwise it will be tommorrow before I can get to it. Kevinh5

I did delete it

I see that you had tried to delete the posts, but as long as the thread exists, anyone can read the history tab to see all of the deleted posts. I believe that only an administrator may un-delete a deleted discussion, so you are good to go. Good luck. Kevinh5

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