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Your field audit question from Oct 1

Hi, back on October 1, you started an article on this site, but you then asked a tax question instead of posting a factual article. The articles are intended more for passing along information that'll be used by others doing research, so the article will be deleted.

Since the question wasn't noticed until just now, I didn't want to simply shift it over to the tax forum. But if it's still an active question for you, you could start a new tax question on the Tax Forum and ask it there. I'll paste the contents of the question below in case you want to copy & paste it into a new tax question.

Trillium 13:02, 7 November 2009 (CST)

Your article content:

After an field audit, my client and I appealed the adjustments. We settled with the appeal officer, and signed and returned Form 870 and Form 4549. The officer has been calling me twice with attempts to change the reports (of course for larger adjustments than what were settled). My questions are:

1. Can they do that? 2. If so, what can we do to protest it?


How to ask a tax question on TaxAlmanac

You have, again, posted a tax question to the articles portion of the site. You won't get any feedback there, and as mentioned above, articles are for passing along info for future researchers, not for asking questions. Here's your current article: Final return.

To ask a tax question

First, you would go to the Tax Forum, and up above the list of all of the active discussions, you'll see a clickable link labelled "Start a new Tax Question" - click there and and then click the appropriate box for your situation on the following page.

Then, you'll see some steps you need to do before asking a tax question, as follows:

  • Step 1 is about doing a search for your topic, since so many questions are already answered in the archives (sometimes the best answers you'll get are those from prior questions!) - refer to Hints and Tips on How to Search on TaxAlmanac for info on how best to search, and note, discussions started most recently will tend to be at the bottom of the search results,
  • Step 2 is making sure your profile is updated (you've got this step done; you can click here to see what your profile says: profile), and
  • Step 3 is getting familiar with the site. Here are some good links for that, if you need them: FAQ, an Overview of TaxAlmanac, Policies, and the Code of Conduct,

And then, finally, step 4, you can click on one of the first three links to get to open a window where you type your discussion title and content. Then click "save page" and if you go back to the Tax Forum, you'll see that your question is now at the top of the forum index, available for others to read and respond to.

Trillium 12:37, 3 September 2010 (CDT)

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