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Hi GoalieEd

Ddoshan .. Think you live and work in Mn also. I worked for Block back in the 70's but it got too much to work a regular job and then work evenings and weekends also. Got back into it about 9-10 years ago now. Just wish my memory was as good as it was back then. Now I figure something out and 2 weeks later can't remember how or just what I did. That's why I don't mind when I see the same old questions asked and answered. Hopefully something eventually sticks. I also go by the name MnDan in the Tax Corner newsgroup. Don't recall how or why I ended up with 2 different handles. Pretty slow around our office right now. Course I've got several sitting in the drawer to finish or work on but heck why do today what you can do tommorrow.

Enjoy your posts and comments.

Dan D.

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