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- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 15:51, 28 January 2008 (CST)


Belle, sure I will be glad to share that with you. The price is $1,000,000 but it is deeply discounted this week leaving a net cost of your undying love and admiration! ;-). Keep in mind that it is specific to my client who has some pretty specific tax issues and similary tailored towards GA state. However, it would be a good start that will help you figure out your client information. Shoot me your email addy in my discussion area and I will email it to you. I will also send a good calendar that gave me the idea, which is tailored more generically. I am just a mental case that has to have it in excel spreadsheet form to understand it! 8-)


like-kind exchanges

Hi Belle. I decided to send you a personal response because I think I would get roundly criticized for the way we decided to approach this.  :) We could not get Lacerte to do this right - it used to be that in an older version you could just check "traded in" and enter the trade in allowance, and it would do all the calcs just right. Now with the wizard, it doesn't give you that category and I just can't get it to work out right for a less than 100% business use vehicle. I also don't want to spend too much time on this and have to bill the client for all my fiddling around in Lacerte.

So what we decided to do is treat the old vehicle as having been sold for no gain or loss, even tho it was traded in at a loss. I took 67% (% business use) of the trade in allowance and applied it to the ending basis of the old (traded in) vehicle. This gave me the loss of approx $2000.

I took 67% of the cost of the new vehicle and added to that amount the loss on the old vehicle of %2000. This gave me my new depreciable basis. But I can't put that in as the original cost of my new vehicle with 100% business use because it won't calculate deprecation with auto limits properly. So I grossed up my depreciable basis so that the depreciable basis would amount to 67% of an original cost for depreciation purposes. I then entered in the new "original cost" of the new vehicle manually, and entered 67% business use. This gave me my correct new depreciable basis.

We decided not to prepare the 8824 even though you are really supposed to do that, only because we couldn't get the beginning basis of the new vehicle on the 8824 to match what we had grossed up our cost to be.

Also, I tried to link the 2 assets in Lacerte using the like-kind wizard, and it did correctly compute the depreciation for the year with the auto limits in place, but it also called my new vehicle "boot", which is not what I wanted it to reflect on the tax return!

So that is our work-around that's probably not totally correct, because of not filing the 8824, but at least we are getting our basis and depreciation right.

Let me know if you are able to come up with a better way to do this. Thanks.

And how was it for you?

(sorry for the title!)

From your perspective, what happened? Did you have to retype the answer, or was the move "behind the scenes" from your perspective? I've often wondered if I should wait around a while to make sure nobody's jumped on the question, but I generally just want to get those kinds of questions out of the pro forum as fast as I notice them, so... I've been curious about whether it makes a difference to those who might have been trying to answer.

Trillium 19:34, 3 March 2009 (CST)

Thank You

Thanks for taking the time to send me that note. I was starting to feel way out of my league here. But this site does appear to be a great resource. I guess along with developing my tax knowledge, I need to develop some thicker skin as well!

Interesting idea

Re: verification via an e-mail address. I could see how this would help in two ways: (1) the fly-by poster who has also posted to "ask yahoo" and tax sites across the spectrum, and (2) the repeat non-tax "website spammers" that come through overnight. Both of those groups probably wouldn't want to be bothered to set up a fake e-mail just to receive and verify. On the other hand, somebody who wants to troll and just generally be a pest can set up a hotmail account in about two minutes.

I imagine that Kevin and I wouldn't have access to whatever e-mail address had been used to establish the user as valid (a real domain vs yahoo or hotmail), which is a shame, because it would be one more thing to consider when trying to determine pro/nonpro, "prolific helpful article-writer"/"shameless self-linking advertiser" and on and on - all the things we determine on the fly every day. We make mistakes along the way all the time - sometimes Type I (e.g., a pro gets shifted to the consumer forum or a valid link gets deleted) and sometimes type II (e.g., a DIY gets left in the pro forum, or a spammer or troll is allowed to continue posting). In the end you hope for a reasonable balance and a pleasant-enough place for people to visit, and be thankful it's a wiki and anything we do can be undone!

Thx for the info on DaveF - wish he had put some of what you and Tim Kelly conveyed onto his user page, might have been useful when I was trying to figure out whether he was "prolific helpful article-writer" or "shameless self-linking advertiser" or somewhere in between - I have to admit the blank profile was part of my decision process, offset by the great contribution history. I had more thoughts on this, but I find I'm rambling, so I'll leave it at that. And we'll see what happens.


E-mail pinging

I think there are ways that verification of valid users via an e-mail address could be set up automatically. For example, Intuit already has an auto-response thing right now for people who have lost a TA password and want it reset; if they had previously provided an e-mail address, they (theoretically) get a reset password right away. So that makes me think that the underlying system can handle sending and receiving e-mail on its own. On the other hand, there are quite a few posts in the feedback forum from people reporting problems getting their e-mail addresses verified by the site, so maybe all auto-systems have their glitches. Kind of outside my area of expertise!

Anyway, I like the idea if it'd help cut back even a little on the clean-up (so maybe I wouldn't be looking for problems where there aren't any).

You could post the idea to the Feedback forum - that would put it out there where Tim would see it and also might produce some additional ideas on implementation or alternatives. And if I have a chance to talk with Tim again about possible future programming improvements, I'll ask about it.


Worth it

How neat that your friend invited you to her child's birth! It's really a very special event. Natalie 12:16, 1 December 2009 (CST)Natalie

Question for you

Hi Belle, What doe the "W" mean on your reply to my post? Paul

Multiple Personalities

We actually have several members here with multiple personalities. CrowJD is certainly the most prolific, but his alter egos are all intended to be humorous. Pent-Up has had at least 5 incarnations (if you searched his name Rich Geever or Richard Geever you would find many of them, or at least where I 'out' many of them). Even good ol' Riley (Riley, Riley2, and now R2) has multiple sign-in names/personalities, but doesn't try to hide it - with all of his knowledge I can't figure out why he would change - surely he hasn't forgotten his password. (my current guess is that by changing names he avoids those pesky questioners who don't want to post a discussion but want an expert to answer their question). In any event, I tend to just read and notice similarities in language and grammar. I only tend to out a person when I think the community should know with whom they are dealing. Kevinh5

Re: Unfair

Hi Bell, thanks for your help, I do great appreciate it. I am in New Orleans, not FL. but close enough. my email is ... I do not even have a fax machine yet, so if you can email it to me that will be great. I know I will not be ready by the time this tax season is in full swing. My goal is to be ready for next tax season. So, I am starting now to get things organized and set up.

I think one of my set backs will be that I do not have a degree in accounting or taxation from any college. I was searching last night and most places that I found wants someone with a min of 3 years CPA experience or have so many years accounting experience. And since for the time being I am unable to afford to go to college for various reasons, I will have to teach myself the accounting part and it is about time that I start learning about non-individual tax returns.

I want to say, thank you for your support and confidence in me that does mean a lot to me.

Grammar Police??

Belle [what a pretty name...] -
I certainly wouldn't like to be called the "Grammar Police" cuz that sounds so brutally authoritarian. But occasionally when the spirit - PBR? - moves me (and I'm not grumpy or .. brutally authoritarian) I can change a "recieve" to "receive" and make other little tweaks so that our message is a bit cleaner message. There's no rule that says tax accountants *have to be* bad spellers, is there?
Harry Boscoe 18:20, 14 February 2010 (CST)

Template talk page

The template page is the "format" for the blue box that now appears at the bottom of any new user's user page - it invites them to update their user page right then before moving to other parts of the site. So all user pages use that template to present the blue box.

Any wiki page can have an associated talk page if somebody clicks on the "discussion" tab at the top of the page, and that's what Artem did tonight. I can guess how that happened - he was trying to edit his user page; he clicked "edit this page" successfully, and then ignored the edit box with the boilerplate and clicked on the Template link at the bottom of the page. He tried to edit that, but failed, as it's protected (learned that the hard way - Artem is not the first to take this path!), so he created the talk page and edited that instead.


BTW, now that I've re-read my little quickie-instruction, I think I maybe should say "shown" rather than showing. No horses involved either way!

The highlighting on the dates is my latest experiment. It hasn't always worked, but I think it may be helping more than the other things I've tried, like renaming the discussion to say (2007 question!) or putting a big note at the top that says "new question at the end" - people skip over those notes as if they were ads, I think.



Your links were fine - you had pasted the URL address in there and they were clickable, etc. If I hadn't been editing already (to move the question from tax forum to PM/BG forum, given its content) I would have left them exactly the way you'd done them, but since I was there, I just used the bracket thingies and added a "label" for each link, so it would display the article/discussion titles instead - shorter, informative, etc., and if somebody wants to see the URL only, they can hover their mouse over the link and it'll display in their browser.

For external links, like yours in that discussion, it's just a formatting choice (single bracket around the link, and a space before any label you want to include). For internal links, like the one you left in your message to me, it's actually a bit more efficient if they're converted to an internal link - a link that the server knows is to itself - by using the name of the TaxAlmanac page only, inside double brackets, e.g., instead of, you'd put Discussion:Slow_servers_-_ProSeries_E-File_Confirmations. (If you click "edit this page" you can see the double brackets around the latter version.)

But feel free to use either method of linking, and if you'd rather switch the ones in that discussion back to what they were before, that's cool with me! (There is a school of thought that says the URL should always be fully displayed, so people can know "where" they're going to end up when they click.)

Trillium 04:09, 14 March 2010 (CDT)

USA Capital

I researched this issue and took the position that this loss is a result of Ponzi scheme and claimed the loss under Rev Proc 2009-20. On 4/23/08, the SEC filed a lawsuit against Joe Milanowski, former President of USA Capital, alleging fraud and securities violations.

I filed an amended return for my client in Jan 2010. The IRS is still processing.

USA Capital Part II

I amended the 2008. Under the Rev Proc, you take the loss in the same year that a principal has charges filed against them. Whether the USA Capital case qualifies as a Ponzi scheme, you will have to be the judge of that. It is not as clear cut as Madoff. But my opinion is that it was, therefore I filed under the Rev Proc.

It sure is!!

Yeah, that's way too long and all of Spidell's info is copyright protected. I'll pull it out shortly, or even better, you can edit to paraphrase... or just edit to say "those of you with access to Spidell flashes should read the one today about SB401" (edited since I realized I could look up the bill number in your extraordinarily useful post!!).

Sorry. thx for the momentary info though.

Also edited to add: Have you read the copyright policies? They basically say "don't post anything if somebody else has it copyrighted" - that's way stricter than it needs to be, legally, but I'd imagine it's for ease of enforcement.

Trillium 17:55, 8 April 2010 (CDT)


Hmmmmmmm. lol. Give me a few minutes. I think of some form of payment.

There are no NYC tax forms per se, but the tax is calculated on the IT-201 or in your case, the IT-203.

There is a State tax computation, then right below that there is a NYC and Yonkers tax calculation.

On the W-2, the NYC or Yonkers wages and tax w/h should be in boxes 18, 19 and 20.

If you wish, use my email to make it easier.


Morning Coffee

As long as I get a cup of coffee in the morning, I'm all good. Just remember, loose women like you are the reasons there are earthquakes. <and all this time I thought it was me making the earth move>

Not really offended, but was fun pretending to be.

Fsteincpa 14:21, 21 April 2010 (CDT)

Wow, how'd you get spam all to yourself?

I've deleted it - not to worry!

Trillium 01:30, 11 May 2010 (CDT)

Linking is always cool, copyright-wise

You can link to something without getting into copyright trouble. It's copying and pasting that's a problem, but as you correctly stated in the post, if it's a gov't bill or something on, you can re-post with impunity!

(I linked to the same bill for another discussion yesterday, although you went a step further and linked to the actual bill. I only linked to the page where they could find the bill and/or the summary. Why don't these people ask their follow-ups on the other discussions that're on page 1 still, and save us the time of searching down the links over and over again!)

Trillium 20:19, 22 May 2010 (CDT)

edited: I re-worded the above a bit, and wanted to add, I hope it was okay that I removed your last sentence from your post, which was more of a note to me than part of the post - at least that's how I took it, anyway! I was editing anyway to format your link, to add a title so it would be more than just [[1]], and make it stand out a little! ~T


It's here: Discussion:American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act. But this new discussion has actually started some discussion, where maybe the original title was too literal to get much interest. Perhaps it's just as well Optionsguy started anew...!


SE tax for personal service corp sole shareholders

Thanks for taking the time yesterday to share your views on this forum and pointing me in the right direction. I still need to get used to what's acceptable and what's not on here. I found lots of good stuff in Kevin's links. And the client agreed to do prior year payroll tax returns with penalties, however, my associate

Third attempt

Last night, they tried to post a "press release" kind of discussion about the company (2x), and didn't quite see why it violated the policies prohibiting advertising/ promotion/ vanity pages/ unsolicited offsite links. Tonight, same company, same offsite link, in the classic spam phrasing, "hey have you heard of these people, sounds really great, etc." Right out of the spam handbook!

So as spam goes, it was pretty much same as usual. But as a third attempt to post the link, it was kinda blatant.

Trillium 00:13, 17 September 2010 (CDT)

You know the sad thing?

It actually sounded like an interesting business model. Not really something any of the "regulars" here would be interested in, but something a tax dabbler (the people who have a little tax prep business on the side) might be able to utilize, depending on how - and if - it worked. But to do it well, that company would have to be seen as really reliable, above reproach. And I don't think you build that kind of reputation with a spam-like spread of self-promotion. But that's just my opinion!

Trillium 01:04, 17 September 2010 (CDT)


“Groupie” – Definition: any enthusiastic supporter. N.B, it is not a term reserved for wacked out teenagers or apple fanboys, it’s also a reasonable term for people who enthusiastically support those who consistently provide good responses without jumping to conclusions, misreading the OP, or misapplying the very tax concepts being asked about. And when that enthusiastic support is based on having read hundreds or thousands of posts over months or years – well, then, it’s certainly something to be proud of.

So, here we are, the knowledgeable groupies. And not ashamed to actually show our support when trolls and other miscellaneous troublemakers get annoying.

I had meant to post the preceding paragraphs the other day, but got sidetracked and was just reminded of it today, when I found THIS – could it be our friend is a (gasp) DIY? His user info's unvettable. He coulda been chased away earlier, and then started over with a new name and just copied info off of somebody else's profile. That would explain what I’d previously taken to be some combination of poor reading comprehension and simply not being very good at taxes. (He gets some questions right, in not-so-everyday-areas, but he’s just a tad “off” on a lot of posts – and I don’t mean just the personality.) OTOH, on an earlier question, he ends the OP by saying it's an actual client situation and he "wrote in first person to simplify" (whatever).

It’s always so interesting what you come across when you’re looking for something else altogether (I was doing a search related to that new discussion about what happens when the NOL year is out of statute… so – honest! – I was doing a good deed when I stumbled over today’s gossip).

Trillium 18:14, 29 September 2010 (CDT)


Wow. How ....well, never mind. I need to be kind. I'm an idiot sometimes, too....

But I'd make them change their name.....!

You must be far, far away

You're talking in tiny type!!

(And, w/r/t the earlier thread - my what a difference an "e" makes!)


Three tildes

Three puts just the name, and four puts name and date. When date/time will be obvious (e.g., I knew you would read that note right away, and it would become meaningless minutes later!!) then I just go with the three-tilde sign-off.


USA Capital

Hi Belle, FYI. I just bumped that thread again.

--Wiles 12:44, 8 November 2010 (CST)

Just a tad!

Wouldn't be surprised to learn that JC=Tarheelgirl, or a close relative.... edited to add: I just didn't feel like I was awake enough to properly judge how far over the line my post really went. And since I'd intended to say this to you in my original note, and completely forgot to include it, I guess I'm still not really all that awake and/or alert. Ah well. Trillium

Caffeine not helping

I probably should go back to bed! Thx anyway. Trillium


Thanks Belle, I'll make that correction.  :) CrowJD 23:07, 13 November 2010 (CST)

Oh No

I actually enjoy poking fun at myself; and of course you know I take great delight when my characters provide some bizarre answer to a question. lol. CrowJD

True that

"I think there are some that don't even bother with different user names!" Yup. :) Have a great evening! CrowJD 23:29, 13 November 2010 (CST)

you missed the fun

we had today: Discussion:Anybody Heard of Jassen Bowman, EA? Kevinh5

I'm supposed to be writing a CPE text

but instead I'm finding things on the internet to amuse me:

editable paper:

Kitty is located on same page:

as well as squirrel, etc.

Tom got a laugh out of it. Kevinh5

You had never heard of it?

You probably need to listen closer as you walk by the college guys to hear what they're saying about you! LOL Bracket Creep

New stuff

Tim's team is working through some improvements that should help with speed and eliminate those down-times we had a while back. I expect Tim to post a discussion explaining it all at some point (I'd think). I don't actually know the answer to your question, but here's what I've guessed: the numbers represent the size of the new post and/or edit. At first I thought it was character count, but then I decided it's probably kb. The bold ones seem to be the ones more than 500.

There are some other strange changes, too, e.g., in search, if you search on "S corporation" it only gives you the discussions with posts or edits since the 18th (the day that they did the last maintenance). I really hope that's temporary! (Phrase searches work otherwise, it's just the ones with a one- or two-character word in the phrase that are doing this.) I'm drafting an e-mail to Tim and adding stuff like that as I see it; I'll fire it off Sunday night and hope he can shed some light on whether things like that will be changed back, or just become something we have to live with.

Change is good, right?

Trillium 16:33, 21 November 2010 (UTC)


You know, I had the same question after Matt posted the same link twice, today, on two different discussions. Not to mention he's not even a tax pro (in my view), as he's apparently working for a company that (should) have its own tax pros to consult...but that's a different story. Then I found he'd posted that link in response to his own question back in October - so was that call and response spam?

OTOH, it's a link to a CCH product, which is not likely his company's product, eh? And the NYSSCPA article linked in his earlier post does go to an on-point article. Perhaps he's just really excited with his research results from back in October?

Tough to tell, sometimes.

Speaking of suspicious: wanna check a link for some guy who didn't want to post a profile because of privacy concerns (except he apparently used his real name as his user ID, so...) but now he finally has updated his user page, after being asked a bunch of times. Now he wants me to see if his link works. But I don't like to click on links from people I don't know or trust, and I don't want to. OTOH, when I say that out loud it sounds both prissy and paranoid, so I don't really want to tell him that!

Trillium 02:44, 23 November 2010 (UTC)


Here I thought it was Matt who left me that note, yet I couldn't find it on his 'user contributions'. (you forgot to sign with three tildes) What are you suspicious of? Kevinh5

p.s. I looked at the two recent post/links and based on his previous activity, don't think it is spam. The links are to a CCH site. Kevinh5 19:24, 23 November 2010 (UTC)

Have a nice day.


Thanks for the kind words of welcome! LoL My dad's name is also John; having my father's name is about the only great thing about being named John Smith. I mean how boring of a name can you get? It is easy to remember at least.  :)

Hello Belle, I know it's been a long time since you posted the H & R Block fee schedules. By any chance to you still have a xl copy and could you e-mail me one. Thanks I am taxpro2020 my email is Thanks.

Well if that video was from Wyoming,

the sheep and the man have their roles reversed. That sheep wasn't right in the head. Kevinh5

Missed the DIY thread

I don't understand how so many DIY and QB people end up with their questions on the ProSeries and Lacerte forums to begin with. They can't be that easy to find, right?

My impression is that they are far too open to answering tax questions for non-pros over there, but of course that's a known bias of mine!

Trillium 23:32, 18 December 2010 (UTC)


but maybe this is more appropriate


Happy holidays to you and yours, as well! That's a phrase I really like, and we get so few occasions to use it ("you and yours"). Trillium

can you link the

DIY discussion you wanted me to read - I can't seem to find it (where is the yellow box?) Kevinh5

you're correct

I should have surmised what the thread was about based on the title. Thanks for the link. And Merry Christmas to you also! (and yours?) Kevinh5

spelin nver couted fur mach

newais. Kevinh5


You mean like Dolly Parton? LOL

I have Lucy, a Boston Terrier (who is in love with me) and Cosmo, a miniature Chihuahua (who is almost as much in love with me as Lucy). Kevinh5

I am a real dog lover

and Lucy and Cosmo come to work at least half of the time. They have their own loveseat to sit on. At least they think it is theirs. I removed the sheep link from your page but not Fred's because you are the fairer sex (hey, since when has sex ever been fair?) and I thought it might be considered crude to share locker-room humor with someone you don't share a locker room with. I know that is sexist, but I've lived in the South for a long time. Kevinh5

well, it wasn't really that much of a disguise

and several people figured it out already. Kevinh5

Thanks for the message...

Thanks, Belle. I was genuinely p*ssed not for him, but his wife and two kids. I've yet to talk with my friend, he did though confirm by e-mail it was his brother-in-iaw. I always thought he was slick, in a smarmy salesman way. I know that sounds unoriginal now, but it's true. My friend tried to talk his sister out of marrying him, but no dice. Sad, indeed. Thanks for asking how I am. Well, I did not fell well for a while and then two weeks ago, I started to have vision problems and walking issues. I was shot up with steroids for three days. It seems to have worked. But I did not drive for at least 2 weeks as I didn't trust myself. Now if I can just get rid of this sinus infection... File:smile.jpg TomTaocpa 20:54, 21 December 2010 (UTC)


Thanks Belle. I actually did figure it out after you added "syndrome" to it. Then it popped up right near the top.

Profile -- I guess I should change it. Florida just latched onto that for no real reason. BTW, thanks for the support, and your comments about my lack of use of profanity.Natalie 00:12, 16 January 2011 (UTC)Natalie

Agree, it's incomprehensible

He may have a second ID that's interacted unhappily with N in the past? I wish I could understand the psychology behind posts like that, and the desire to make other people mad no matter what it takes. Actually, no, I guess I'm happier being perplexed by people like that, but I do wish I knew how to direct them elsewhere.

Anyway, thanks (yet again!), Trillium

Me either!

I'm not sucking up either (ha!). I really do appreciate your notes after these tough situations - they seem to come right when I'm having second, third, fourth thoughts. And you've helped me see when I actually have gone too far, too. So, truly, thanks. Trillium

Mr Money

I hesitate to block anyone who has taken time to fill in a profile indicating they do taxes. Also, remember last time I blocked an alias? Kevinh5

Hey, at least he didn't call Trillium 'Terrarium'!

Me too

Or atrium. Trillium

tellurium, Terillium, Terrarium, Atrium, it's all the same to me! Trillium


Some people are picky about their names - spelling, pronunciation, accuracy, but it's never much mattered for me, even on my real-life name, let alone a made-up one. I actually was going to use Trillian, but thought it might be too revealing (geekiness, gender, etc.). Of course now, years later, I see that (a) all that stuff comes out in subtle ways anyway, and (b) not that many people read Douglas Adams. Maybe I should do a name change and go with my original concept?


Super Seminars

Yes, I will be at both. Come and introduce yourself! Kevinh5

I haven't been able to start working on my own yet due to various family emergencies this past year. Wanted to let you know that for this year at least, I am working with someone. It's part-time for now, but it's better than sitting at home and not keeping my skills sharpened.

I do have a question tho. I am having trouble keeping up with the tax changes already. When I was with Block, at least all of the tax updates were in a nice little place that I can find them. Is there a good place to find all of the updates in one neat organized area. Or is the IRS website the best place to get each and everyone of them? I think I already know what you are going to say but am interested in what your response is anyway.

Thanks in advance and I hope you do well this year.


Thanks If feels good to be back.

I will sniff around TA some more. And yes, that does sound familiar, quarterlies and all. And don't worry, I'll nudge you in about a week or two. If I don't hear from you by then.


Trillium 06:30, 24 January 2011 (UTC)

Server time

The server's always way ahead. UTC, maybe? Trillium

edit to add: Clearly I'm already knew UTC since it's part of the time stamp, sorry! Universal Time, something about servers everywhere thinking it's the same time so that they can sync up... Trillium


Well, I think I've already proven I'm too tired to do complex math (like 5+3, ha!), but I think part of the mystery might be that some of the pages follow your preferences and some do not. I vaguely recall that the Recent Changes page is always on UTC - which is also Greenwich Mean Time - which I think should be eight hours off from the West Coast at this time of year (no DST). But you might see other pages with either your time preference or another user's time preference, so you'll get a mixture? If a lot of people have their preferences set to East Coast time, you could see a lot that are three hours off for you.  ???

But hey, things are so weird on the site lately, maybe we're now going to experience time travel, as well. Can't wait! Trillium

No, I'm wrong again

Apparently, if your preferences are working properly, then the Recent Changes pages will display with your requested time zone, as will the history tab. I had never changed my preference from the default, but I just did it and was surprised to see how many pages now display in my own time zone.

I guess the system may be ignoring your preferences and displaying the default time/UTC/GMT for some reason. This actually could be another intermittent glitch to add to the list....

Just got your note - just had a strange sleep schedule this weekend, and ended up a little short. Think I might call it a day a little earlier than normal tonight!

Have a nice night,

Trillium 07:07, 24 January 2011 (UTC)

I think that BobTheMob

and Bracket Creep need to keep their posts professional and stay away from the general chat forum. Kevinh5

Well, Google appears to be Bracket Creep's friend.

He obviously is not focused on taxes. Kevinh5

No doubt she is charging booth rental

and is curious as to the taxability of someone's lost deposit. Kevinh5 22:30, 13 February 2011 (UTC)

No, I would not have blocked myself

like I did a year or so ago. If this is someone's alter-ego, they can send me an email to unblock them and then we'll find out. Kevinh5 I'll check my other email now. Kevinh5

Tickled your fancy?

is THAT what it's called now? Kevinh5

Just how ticklish IS your fancy?

sometimes people are really ticklish, sometimes it is a lot of work. Kevinh5

You're right

I guess I ass-u-me 'd that it was a 'she'. Oh well. Kevinh5

H&R Block form prices

Hi, Belle. I'd be really interested in getting a copy of your spreadsheet with the HRB prices. What state were they based in? I've occasionally stopped by their offices to check on their prices, but they are very leary of giving me any information. I have noticed in the last couple years when I get a new client from H&R Block, if they have a schedule E or C, their prices are close to $500. But everyone in Colorado is shopping for a cheap price so that I haven't raised my prices in around seven years. Anyway, I'd appreciate this information so I can get a better feel for what I should be charging. Michelle Marciniak, CPA, Golden, CO

H&R Block prices

HI, Belle. I didn't know about the 4 tilde thingy. Anyway, yes I understand the info is old, but it is a baseline. Mcpa 16:22, 16 February 2011 (UTC) Michelle Marciniak

I guess it was only a matter of time.

not a big surprise to you, I imagine. Kevinh5

Hi Belle,

You left me a message about an HRB fee schedule. Is there a way to email you my email address, or would I need to post it here?


Lady Jane

Aren;t you nosy today?

looking at other people's talk page! LOL Kevinh5 22:34, 6 March 2011 (UTC)

I was going with the "ignore, ignore" concept

Should I reconsider? Katie handles those requests really well, so I was just in the process of giving her a little ammunition in case she even wants to respond, and otherwise I was thinking I'd not post anything to Kay9's user page. Maybe if Katie doesn't stop by today I'll copy/paste that para with the links onto Kay's talk page myself?

Trillium 22:35, 6 March 2011 (UTC)

Hey Belle

got a good chuckle about losing your lunch. Hope all is well. Doug 21:50, 12 March 2011 (UTC)Doug MDoug 21:50, 12 March 2011 (UTC)

I thought I was losing my mind!

92115 already set up a new shorter name - just needs to remember to use it. So I figured I didn't need to scatter bump posts all over the forum tonight. But when you fixed your typo, you put my post back in! I am just frazzled enough to think I was losing it, I was sure I'd taken it away and it was back. It's a zombie post!!

You can put it back again now if you really like it.

Trillium 02:07, 18 March 2011 (UTC)

You Betcha Belle Babe

And the answer to this question is right on the back of one of the 1099 copies but who deals with *paper forms* anymore...? Pub 575...

Hiya Belle!

Hi there Belle! I am doing okay. My business is way down due to my MS. I suppose everyone is taking a hit. Where's the new office? Glad to hear about it. I will write more later, I have to go to bed. I am wiped out. TomTom 00:41, 28 March 2011 (UTC)

I've got you on my mind. ; }

Enjoy your last 24 hours of tax season!

Bracket Creep 23:04, 17 April 2011 (UTC)

Hey Belle

Hiya Belle! I didn't have a very good tax season. I pissed off a lot of people by transitioning to new software and due to the MS, I really got a late jump. I wrote on TA I developed new lesions around Sept/Oct. I basically couldn't function until late January. I realize now I have to go after some disability income. I have a private policy and was told I get back pay. I could really use the cash now. But, I keep my spirits up until I get fatigued. Then I get really cranky. :-0

How was your tax season? I hope things went well with the new office. Maybe I can afford one, eventually. But I am content here. Talk with you soon! TomTom O'Connor (Taocpa) 18:07, 25 April 2011 (UTC)

Ha - beat ya there!

Got the guy blocked, finally, too!

Trillium 02:22, 26 April 2011 (UTC)


I was busy writing to Tom and didn't do things in the best order! Trillium 02:33, 26 April 2011 (UTC)

It shouldn't

Very much like I told Tom - you're already doing a lot of it, already. You're just not getting the recognition and credit.

I just sent you an e-mail with some thoughts on sharing out things - could you please let me know if that makes any sense at all? I meant to edit it more closely, and double-check the way it was written, but when I saw you were online right now I thought I should take advantage of that (or try to!). If it's too long to deal with at night, that's cool - I'll check back tomorrow night.

I'm concerned that when I say 'do this' or 'then do that' I might be talking from a position of over-familiarity with the site. After all, Kevin and I developed this stuff as needed, and now it's a big bunch of things to do... it didn't start out that way! So any wording changes, or even a comment like "your item #4 makes absolutely no sense to me" would be very helpful.

Thanks (a million),

Trillium 02:42, 26 April 2011 (UTC)

Yes the whole thing missed us

Thank you for asking Belle! It didn't hit Atlanta thank goodness. I have some property a few counties southeast of Atlanta and I'll need to get down and check that out sometime however it doesn't look like it was hit according to the news. Seems like we have a few places in Georgia that got hit pretty bad but it looks like Alabama really got hit hard. CrowJD 13:09, 28 April 2011 (UTC)


My gosh, I just read on the AJC website that 180 are dead in Alabama due to the storm. That's terrible. It makes me worry because we are still in the season. I hope none of your friends or family were effected by it.CrowJD 19:55, 28 April 2011 (UTC)


...I've blocked your spammer, and here's an updated view of part of the volunteering info - I got about halfway through with adding the supporting pages: Volunteering behind the scenes on TaxAlmanac. Edit or comment as necessary (no rush; not to worry!). Thanks,

Trillium 12:18, 2 May 2011 (UTC)

Membership in ASGTP

Hi Belle, this wonderful organization has CrowJD has it's President, CEO, Chief Cook and Bottlewasher, etc. I contacted him and he gladly accepted me.

Cathy CathysTaxes 19:50, 2 May 2011 (UTC)

Glad you've joined, membership free

Membership is free. My only other member is Cathy. We throw the number 50,000 around for publicity.  :) However, within 10 years, anything could happen! CrowJD 23:27, 2 May 2011 (UTC)


I was never an ex spurt at spellun. Kevinh5

I was doing a yellow box search for another prior discussion

and came across this one. Jeff/Jasmine sounded genuinly concerned. I just wanted to see how it all ended. His boss certainly doesn't have any ethics, especially if you look at the majority of the Jeff/Jasmine posts from the beginning. Kevinh5

Hiya Belle

I didn't think I was up late, I go to bed around 10:30pm - 11:00pm. I used to be the proverbial night owl. Not anymore. We "Eggers" are a fun bunch. We love to talk about our "Big Green Eggs"! I am now cooking again. It's fun to say the least. I hope it wasn't a funeral for a police officer killed on duty. I did a few and they suck. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!Tom O'Connor (Taocpa) 11:37, 28 May 2011 (UTC)

Late, part II

I honestly can say late hours are done for me. It's the reason I pissed off so many clients this year. I would love to work when the phone isn't ringing and the family is asleep. I physically can't do it, which really sucks.

Sorry for your loss. My police friend had a heart attack around 40. He is still around and working, but as you say it's considered in the line of duty due to the stress.

I hope you have a great rest of Memorial Day!!!Tom O'Connor (Taocpa) 11:35, 30 May 2011 (UTC)

Beating a horse a second time... Rental at the beach.

Yeah, we did beat this horse once before, and I think we did pretty good that time. But how many of the *others* in this class went back to see what conclusions we reached that time? Well done.

To keep the metaphor going I should insist now that we weren't beating a *dead* horse, since it - the horse - is still around for us to beat *again*.

You hit the mark with your posts - concise, on point, and best of all, *instructive*!!

Harry Boscoe

"...only the second weekend this spring with weather warm enough...."

Do you live near the polar ice cap, or what? I live in middle America and we've been above 90 degrees eight or ten days already and over 100 at least once... It is the second week of *June*, right?

And finally, as far as getting CPE for summer school, contact your state society... hohoho

Harry Boscoe


Have you tried doing only three tildes? That's just really odd. I haven't noticed the issue. Have you changed keyboards lately? Maybe you're typing a only appears to be a tilde, but the wiki can't see it that way?

Trillium 01:20, 14 June 2011 (UTC)

So weird!

That's a wiki thing, like turning asterisks into bullets and removing the extra linespaces; it happens whether you want it to or not, and other than if you were posting on a page with some kind of a universal "nowiki" command going on, I can't imagine what would make it not work! Since others can use it on pages where you can't, it isn't a coding thing, it's user-specific. Odd. Well, if you want to link, you could type this: [[User:Belle]] (i.e., User colon Username enclosed in double square brackets; it'll look like this: User:Belle). But you'd still have to get the date there somehow.

This is all quite strange. But then lately the whole board feels that way to me. It must be the season for the semi-pro tax people to be active, as a bigger percentage of the questions just seem "off" to me. (Or maybe I'm just short of sleep.)

Trillium 04:24, 14 June 2011 (UTC)


Well, I already *feel* like it's 4:30 in the morning, so that time stamp is appropriate IMO. Time for some sleep! Trillium 04:37, 14 June 2011 (UTC)


It took me some looking around to find that checkbox - I hadn't used it before. I now remember that Genskitty had some problems posting to user pages when she had changed her "edit" settings to use an external editor (IIRC). I wonder if that's all related somehow.

Glad you found it - did you check your date/time settings? I keep mine set to the server time, but if yours isn't supposed to show that, check to see if maybe it went back to the default setting somehow, and forgot your time zone.

Have a great night!

Trillium 04:47, 14 June 2011 (UTC) topic for summer school....

Dang. I distinctly remember writing out a list with at least three topics for summer school - Gamma was in two of them - but I'll be swizzled if I can remember where I put the list.

You know the story: I put it somewhere special so's I'ld know *right where it is* and now I can't find it.

You got kids, you know how this works.
You over forty, you know how this works.
You over sixty, you forgot already what we're talking about.

Maybe the list is in the refrigpbrerator. This may take a day or two...

Harry Boscoe

Multi-step process!

That's only part of it. I used to try to move these questions posted as articles over to the forums, but eventually gave up and just tell them the question is in the wrong place. Half the time by the time I got to step 7, they'd re-posted it anyway!

Back in a sec with the steps, though, in case you're interested!

Trillium 01:23, 25 June 2011 (UTC)


1. Reformat it w/the squiggly brackets that surround discussion posts:

Open a discussion (any discussion), and copy the stuff from the two opening squiggly brackets to where it says "Text=" and copy that into the top of the article. (This is usually also the point where I paste in the "Tax Questions" label at the top, too, but you've done that part already.) Change the name at the start of the post from the random name you copied it from to the name of the person who posted the article. Fix the date to be today's date, too, if necessary.

Be sure to add the double end squiggly brackets at the end of the article. The click OK to that edit.

2. Go to the "move" tab and rename the discussion to have "Discussion:" at the start.

3. It still won't show up in the forum index until somebody posts to the discussion (and of course since nobody knows it's there, that'll rarely happen), so I would generally then add a post to the end that says something like "this question has been moved from the articles section of the site, where it was posted earlier today."

I think that's it - give it a try?

Trillium 01:31, 25 June 2011 (UTC)

I snuck in a little extra part in step 1....

Starting to get the idea of why I quit performing that particular service???? Kudos for wanting to do it, though, and the valiant attempt!

Anyhow...half the time I have to go back in and fix the user name/date - so I forgot to tell you about that, until the later edits.

And the end squiggly brackets have to go after the content of the Q, rather than right after the "test=" part.

Almost there!!!

Trillium 01:39, 25 June 2011 (UTC)


Once you read the question, you may regret spending that much effort, even if you learned stuff!

The move/rename trick is helpful in many instances. There are two things to watch out for: (1) it's easy to forget the colon, and that makes a big difference! And (2) if somebody is posting right when you are doing the move/rename, their post might end up on the "old" discussion. Renaming basically copies everything over to a new discussion with the new title, and leaves the old page behind with a redirect link that is supposed to automatically take people to the new page.

So if you happen to notice a post on the "recent pages" list right after you've renamed a discussion, and it's showing as going to the old one, you might have to open the old one, go into the history tab to get the content of the "orphaned" post, copy it, and paste it into the new discussion.

But I don't say that to scare you - it's only happened to me once or twice out of zillions of moves!

Trillium 01:49, 25 June 2011 (UTC)


Yeah, thinking about it.... Did you see the post he left for Kevin last week, under his longer ID (the one he started the discussion with)? Started off "no offense" and got very offensive, very fast. <Rolls eyes.>

Trillium 16:50, 6 July 2011 (UTC)

You caught that, eh?!

Look in the original user name user history: - I imagine it's the last post on the 27th, click the "diff" link there or just click on the date stamp of that tab, which will show you the discussion as it stood right then, prior to later edits or posts by others.

Trillium 17:20, 6 July 2011 (UTC)


Oooh, sorry about the migraine - yes, turn off the computer! That blue light shining into your eyes can't be helping. Trillium 17:21, 6 July 2011 (UTC)

He was banned for one week.

But I didn't want it to appear that I held a personal grudge. Kevinh5 17:32, 6 July 2011 (UTC)

I felt that banning for more than one week would have looked vindictive

unless it was someone else doing the banning. Anyways let's see if things improve. Kevinh5

And it may well be someone else doing the banning...

We shall see! now go and take care of your migraine. Trillium 18:01, 6 July 2011 (UTC)

If you proofread better...

...I'm out of a job! Spell Czech


It looks like Trillium took care of these - I was away in Vegas teaching for the NAEA Conference. Kevinh5


During the end of tax season, I asked for volunteers to co-moderate. I don't know if anyone was ever given the 'power' to block or not. I'll have to ask Trillium. Kevinh5

Sneaky spammers are the worst

Those links might stay on a page like that one for years, if somebody doesn't happen to notice the change, like you did. Oooh, nasty. The user talk spammers are just silly kids in comparison to the sneaky ones. Thanks for finding that, and the other six or so the other day!

Trillium 02:32, 20 August 2011 (UTC)

Apparently I can't spell

thank you very much. Kevinh5

If I told you that Irene blew me

you might get the impression that I'm really Bracket Creep. I'm not, but we're up in the mountains, so really all we got was some strong wind. And not the kind that BobTheMobCPA is accustomed to providing, either. Kevinh5

Just checking in...

Hiya Belle,

Just wanted to say hello and see how you are doing! TomTom O'Connor (Taocpa) 13:24, 31 August 2011 (UTC)

I'm sending Jeff a sympathy card.

let me know if you want his address. Kevinh5

posting link

rather than actual address for privacy reasons

I havent tried calling. If it were me I wouldn't be able to talk.

Account Creation stuff

I just happened to have been watching the 'recent changes' the other day and thought it odd that a new user would desire to immediately set up an additional user account. I took preemptive measures. I doubt that it has anything to do with Hugh. To my knowledge, he is still banned here. How do you know who he is on the other discussion forum? Kevinh5

Insolvency Exclusion

Thanks for your comments. DaveFogel 17:55, 23 September 2011 (UTC)

HRB Price List

Belle- Would you please send me HRB price list?

Thank you so much in advance.


Don't take it personally...

He doesn't like ANYBODY! Most of his posts seem to be one way or another of expressing disdain for what he sees and reads here...but he keeps coming back. Maybe it's just the way I'm reading them....

Trillium 03:45, 6 October 2011 (UTC)

A well-known snoop, indeed!

Hey, that's a nice turn of phrase: "displeased with life." I like it! It nicely describes the situation, without getting all judgemental about it (like I did!). I think this is about it for for the day - you're in charge!!

Trillium 03:57, 6 October 2011 (UTC)

And check out the OP

Gotta love the irony.


From my preferences

I changed my preferences so that the default is "minor edit" and I have to change it to be unchecked. So many times I'd edit an old discussion to move it to the correct forum or take out some copyrighted material, and it would zing off an e-mail to somebody who hadn't posted in three years, telling them there was a new post. They'd come in and bump the discussion back to the top, answering the old post as if it were new again. Or get confused when they see no new info and send a note to Tim Doyle telling him that the system is acting glitchy!

Apparently, if it's marked as a "minor edit" those notification e-mails don't go out.

Now, I forget to unclick the box all the time, but that seems to have a less deleterious effect. (Except on people reading the recent changes page, apparently!)

Trillium 21:39, 15 October 2011 (UTC)


Thanks, Belle. Prayers, love and support work! They carry us through each day as we keep fighting. I just added all that yesterday, wondered if anyone would ever see it! Wow. Jeff

And it could be true...

I just don't give that a very high chance of probability! Instead, I gave him 10 minutes to try again, but I guess he wasn't really that interested. The other guy got a lot farther by posting as Mscash... I hope Tim gets to the bottom of that glitch soon. That discussion wouldn't have been in the pro forum long if it hadn't had a long-timer's username attached.

Anyway - Yes, the holiday was great. Hope yours was as well.

Trillium 23:54, 25 November 2011 (UTC)

You know what made that user page great, though?

The fact that the "high level of experience" part was an afterthought. He had to edit to get that in! Trillium

Well, what do you think?

If that had been the first user page update - and particularly if it had been done either when the name was created or prior to posting the question, there'd be no problem. So I suppose I should move the joker's question back to the tax forum now?

Trillium 00:03, 26 November 2011 (UTC)

"ring true"

Honestly, the last one has lots of holes in it, too. He's been self employed (we're supposed to assume as a tax pro) and has done mostly individual returns but also some business returns (his or other peoples' too?). And if he wants a sounding board, why would he start off acting like a joker - or really, a jack@@@? Only wants jokers/j....s to respond?

It's sad. I don't trust anybody anymore!

Trillium 00:29, 26 November 2011 (UTC)

That was a different interloper!

STCLtax was interloper #1, and that discussion - even though it was an obvious exam question - didn't get moved because it had appeared to have been posted my Michael Cash, mscash. It was a bit out of character, but an interesting topic for a slow holiday-day, I figured. A bunch of people had responded before it became apparent mscash was not the OP, and by the time the non-pro admitted posting the Q for actual homework, the damage was done.

I'm with Taxea and Davefogel if we can get the non-pro Qs moved right away. But by the time the responses are already there, when the topic is actually one where people are likely to be researching, the responses are useful to pros, and there's active interest, I'm inclined to leave it alone, like D&T said. Unless, of course, somebody's figured out a way to strip the newfound knowledge from the interloper's brain, via the internet. That would be cool.

Paul whozits, with his "high level of experience," was interloper #2.

Trillium 04:17, 27 November 2011 (UTC)


Thanks! I thought that might be the case (that you were sticking up for me and my decision to let it sit where it is for now). But it was a confusing and complex day yesterday! Here's Paul's Q: Discussion:Basis Adj on Unstated Interest or OID.

I'm a little concerned about what Tim Doyle is calling a caching issue, where sometimes posts are labelled with the wrong username (as STCLtax's question was, which is why that OP got edited to my all-purpose "Unknown OP" ID (one of my aliases, not that I've ever actually posted with it - it just gets used for situations like this). At the start, Kevin and I were worried that these name issues were spoofing (malicious), but Tim has tried to talk us down. But it's just too coincidental that a question that would never have stayed in the tax forum got posted that way. I'll be all over Tim on Monday!

Trillium 04:33, 27 November 2011 (UTC)

I concur

Enjoy the good wine and don't worry about anything else!

Trillium 05:03, 27 November 2011 (UTC)

4th strike...

He already had three strikes:

  • Posting a tax Q to a User Intro discussion!
  • Posting w/no user info
  • Posting w/long user name

But yeah, one hopes that the new name - if there *is* one - is a bit less from the "cute" end of the spectrum!

Trillium 18:03, 12 December 2011 (UTC)


or is it HO HO HO.

I think we have had similar names before, always spammers. Kids, no doubt. Kevinh5

Well, at least he is creative.

I didn't know that albondigas means 'meatballs'. As in

And he did update his user profile.

Maybe I should let him back in if he posts a picture of his albondigas?

I am so glad that you didn't write

that you liked them all over some part of your anatomy. Food is fine. Any anatomical reference would be TMI. Kevinh5

Ooh, Body shots are fun

as long as the host is clean.

Someone was talking to me about a naval battle just the other day, and all I could picture in my mind was two big fat guys bumping belly buttons.

Hiya Belle!

I am doing fine. I am glad the garlic bread was a hit! I have a chocolate chip cookie recipe that is sure to please. Do you want that as well? Tom O'Connor (Taocpa) 17:20, 23 December 2011 (UTC)

send me an email

Belle-send me an email to the address on my bio page. I want to send it privately. Tom O'Connor (Taocpa) 02:52, 24 December 2011 (UTC) Tom

I don't get why people post that stuff

do they expect someone to happen upon it and click the link? Are they really selling something or would there be a virus at the other end? If they post on multiple other sites, does that up their google ranking? I don't understand the internet. Kevinh5

I don't understand the internet either.

Do women get as many spam emails as guys do for Cialis and Viagra? And when you do a google or bing search, why are half of the suggested sites junk or porn? Bracket Creep


YES, it helps when you identify them for Trillium and I. Sometimes we can't get to them right away, but one of us eventually does. Thanks for all of your help keeping this site so professional. Now if I could just get myself to do the same..... Kevinh5

I'm with you

Way suspicious. And now gone. I'll come up with something for his talk page to tell him why...


Trillium 02:02, 29 January 2012 (UTC)

It's certainly time to go home!

It's Saturday, a good time to grab a little bit of a break if you can! Trillium

Sounds like a great idea

Enjoy! Trillium

Thanks - got 'em (him, her, it, whatever)

I had only just walked away when they snuck in. They're hitting us at about 10-20 per day lately... I really hope Tim has something on his list to fix this.


Too busy

Sorry you're having a season from hell.

Mine is too busy. I guess that's a good thing? But I always overestimate my availability and I tend to do more than really necessary on any particular job. One or the other might be okay, but both means something else has to give. I'll figure this all out someday....

Trillium 03:13, 6 March 2012 (UTC)

Redundancy day

The day after the time change is redundancy day - all part of the cloudy-mind effect of losing an hour. Thus, "nonsense gibberish" and "stupid spam" - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!



Deleted the articles, blocked the spammers. Blocked some other guy, too, but then realized he'd posted an actual tax question! Not sure if he's a tax pro or not, but I am so happy he wasn't spamming I'll let his question stay on the tax forum for a while, even with no user info.

Trillium 20:45, 11 March 2012 (UTC)

FBAR Reporting

Belle, it appears that FBAR reporting of an account held in a corporation is only required if the shareholder owns more than 50%. See 31 CFR 1010.350(e)(2)(ii). See the discussion thread on FBARs. I don't think that there is attribution from family members but will check, since I need the answer for partnerships. Cheers.

Very Well Belle, Sell Tell Spell Knell and Fraught!

If you keep pumping me up like that I'll come over there and show you some spelling and some grammar too.

Spell Czech

Thank you so much

Belle, thank you for responding. Joan and you have already told me what I needed to know. I don't want to take more of anyone's time here, especially during tax season. My relative hired counsel out there today and hopefully his lawyer the lawyer's staff can answer his questions. It's amazing how the public thinks a lawyer will know the ins and outs of the law in every state. I have no clue about California law. lol. I'm going to try to limit myself to moral support. Take care. CrowJD 21:22, 15 March 2012 (UTC)

Oh yes.

I think my relative is going to get hosed too. At least to some extent. You know the old saying, all's fair in love and war and in California the war is expensive. You know how it is when you talk to a relative, I may not be getting the entire picture. Don't even worry about it. I have the feeling my cousin will be giving me the blow by blow anyway. Now that I know that he's in good legal hands, he'll just have to live with whatever happens. CrowJD 21:40, 15 March 2012 (UTC)

Inside joke material

Darn - I was thinking "that you very much" could almost start to be one of those inside joke things. Like the dead kittens.

Trillium 03:31, 20 March 2012 (UTC)

Getting stuff done...

Well, I do seem to be getting the important stuff done, in real life, I mean. The spammers... well, like I told Cott just now, I really don't get it. The spam never lasts, and most of it never even gets noticed. So why do they keep trying?

Anyway, no, don't change it back. I think I'm just giddy from lack of sleep right now; that's gotta be why it made me laugh.

hang in there....

Trillium 03:41, 20 March 2012 (UTC)

Thank you for noticing.

Yes, Trillium and I have wasted HOURS fighting this. Intuit has decided to postpone implimentation of further anti-spam measures until after 4/17, as it will entail shutting down the site for a day or two. In the meantime, they are aware that we have paying work to do, so it has been decided to let things happen, other than extreme issues. I had hoped that they would turn off all account-creation in the meantime. That might still happen, but it is beyond my ability to do. Thanks. Kevinh5 03:06, 29 March 2012 (UTC)


Eavesdropping on Kevin's posts again - but at least this time I have a good excuse, i was just coming here to respond to your note, as well.

You know, one of the most annoying things about this episode is how *useless* the recent changes page is for reviewing activity these days. I've had to go back to just looking at the forum index! Hadn't used that on a regular basis for quite a while.

I did realize, belatedly, that you can go to Recent Changes and set the Namespace to just "discussions" - that is a lot closer to what we're used to seeing. But if you use that, you'd miss the behind-the-scenes talk page activity; what fun would that be?

Anyway, like Kevin said - thanks for noticing; keep your fingers crossed that Tim finds the magic solution soon. I'm in full support of Kevin's nuclear option. Sometimes that's just what is needed.

Trillium 04:39, 29 March 2012 (UTC)

Part-Time Work

Belle, I am located in Jonesboro, AR.


we believe that Mufid is Hugh H. Kevinh5


it was a spelling error on my part. Thanks! Kevinh5

Just got here -

- and I'm leaving again, so have at it.  Thanks for the anti-spam persistence!

Trillium 16:30, 25 July 2012 (UTC)

HR Block Fees

Hi Belle. I am new to the boards and was reading your post that you had an old excel worksheet of HR Block fees back in 2008. I am planning on opening a tax office next season and was wondering if you still was offering the information out.

Sincerely, Talia Hopkins


Well, it pisses me off each time it happens, and the overall feeling of powerlessness - which increased after the multi-part Bruce/Hugh fiasco - is not one I deal with well. It would be healthier if I could let it go, but I haven't learned that trick yet. (And as a moderately-old dog, may never learn....)

I was actually pretty sure Rob had gone after you more than than just one prior time, but went with the "recent history" vagueness rather than checking since there was one prior time that really got me mad, so I remembered that as soon as I saw the sarcasm about your profile. Checking would only have increased my level of pissed-off-ness, withouth changing the fact that there's nothing we can really do when somebody actually takes pleasure in being told he's an ass.

Hmm, seems about time for a break before I send my blood pressure into the red...

Trillium 03:01, 7 August 2012 (UTC)

I wondered about that...

After you said something in a recent note about family issues that were taking you away from TA (among other things), I had been hoping that it wasn't a health issue or other serious problem. You referred to it tonight as a gut check, which I hope means that it's turned out okay for you and others in your family, and that you've made it through the most serious and worrying parts of the journey.

I've been trying to do more for the people closest to me, and of course that time has to come from somewhere. You're making the right choices! I should print your advice out and keep it near the computer: "TA's problems aren't worth it!" Wise words.

Trillium 04:01, 7 August 2012 (UTC)


Thanks Belle. I'm not worried about cyber-bullies such as he. If someone has to belittle another to feel superior, they only diminish themselves.

No, I'm sorry, I hadn't seen the post about your brother.

But I'm sorry for your loss, sincerely.

I haven't had much time to spend here lately. And the little bit of time I do spend here seems to be chasing away spammers. Yes, when you post their names it helps. Thanks. Kevinh5

It helps...

What really helps is getting the spam deleted right away. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the faster the spam is gone, the lower the attractiveness of the site to future spammers. Plus, if I'm in a rush between appointments or something, your note will alert me to some I may have missed. (Actually, your edit of the spam probably does that, too, so I guess if you've removed spam, the note is superfluous - but always welcome.)

Thanks, as always!

Trillium 20:49, 24 August 2012 (UTC)

Testing a theory

Hey - we're going to see what happens if we only bother with the spam that's on discussion pages, or vandalizes index pages, etc. The rest we'd just leave alone. It's to test my theory that getting rid of the spam might reduce the amount we get later, by seeing what happens if we don't get rid of it for a while. (So that means you don't have to bother with spam, either - or notify either of us - if it isn't visible to the typical person reviewing the forum index, current discussions, etc.) Didn't want to leave you out of this research project!

Trillium 02:42, 27 August 2012 (UTC)

I second that motion.

Or as Smokey Robinson would sing, "I second that emotion." Smokey failed Robert's Rules of Order. Kevinh5

tax practice

Hi Belle,

Where in No. Calif are you?

I also have a tax office in No. Calif I might be interested in merging or selling or?


tax practice

Hi Belle,

Where in No. Calif are you?

I also have a tax office in No. Calif I might be interested in merging or selling or?

Richard 800 380-9140

Oh I'd love to buy your practice

and move to Tahoe!! Signed, Snoopy. Kevinh5

I'm doing real well

but a few weeks ago lost a lot of time off of work worrying about my little Boston Terrier who had to undergo emergency surgery. She is much better now.

I LOVE Tahoe! Was out there last Oct, I wish I had looked you up! anyways, next time I'm there I'll buy lunch! Kevinh5

Oh I would understand.

Dogs are family. Actually, better than my family, because they've never screwed me over. Kevinh5

Posting to discussions from 2006

I was so happy you were there to tell the person that they (actually, I'd better edit that to he/she, since SpellCzech is on duty today) shouldn't be bumping discussions that are so far part their sell-by date. Plus, I was concerned about the length of that user name, and your post got his/her user name out of the "last poster" column, which made it even better!

Anyway - get back to the real tax work, and I'm going to do the same.

Trillium 22:50, 8 October 2012 (UTC)

PS - no more badges

I hadn't realized that you gave me both of my badges...I knew I liked you for a good reason (hah!). I know for sure I don't need any more.

(PS - thanks for the kind words that I just happened to hear you "say" as I was standing around the corner blatantly eavesdropping.)

Trillium 22:53, 8 October 2012 (UTC)

Aloha Belle

I have a couple of questions if you have a moment. Paula Actionbsns 18:15, 9 October 2012 (UTC)

Help With Rental Property Foreclosure

Belle, I am glad I was able to point you in the right direction on this. DaveFogel 21:06, 9 October 2012 (UTC)

And the poetry is respectable!

I don't always like it when discussions go off into ivory tower heights of theory, but when those two* get going, they really get going!

And we need all the humor we can get as we count down the remaining hours....

Trillium 23:37, 14 October 2012 (UTC)

* wow, they had a whole group contributing this time. Even better!! Trillium

You're just noticing your awards?????

I gave you one two and a half years ago!!! LOL, someone hasn't been snooping enough. Kevinh5 04:24, 15 October 2012 (UTC)


I have high admiration of you. Kevinh5 05:32, 15 October 2012 (UTC)

Hi Belle!

Hey Belle,

Hope all is well with you! Hope you had a great holiday season.

Doing okay. Some blood work over the last several months has my doctors concerned. It shows liver abnormalities. Don't know what to think, but I am optimistic I will be okay. The MS is still kicking my butt on occasion, but it goes with the territory.

Thanks for asking and talk to you soon! Tom O'Connor (Taocpa) 21:33, 4 January 2013 (UTC)

H&R block fee schedule

Hi Belle,

I just discovered this site and the helpful discussion on H&R Block's fees. This was back in 2008, but you offered to email the fee schedule to those interested. If you still have it, I would really appreciate it, despite how old it may be now....

Thanks much!


H&R block fee schedule

Hi Belle,

Thanks so much for your response and tips on TA - I appreciate it! This type of discussion page is very new to me. If you find the fee schedule, my email address is xxx Thanks again!

Jmonroe 20:30, 18 February 2013 (UTC)

Hey Belle

I miss Dave Fogel also. He has put me in my "place" a couple of times, but I deserved it. I think he is missed by a lot of people. Kevin5h thinks he still checks up on the posts here.

Doug 19:52, 11 March 2013 (UTC)DougM

Kevin & I keep agreeing to just ignore the spam, but that never sticks

I think my new guideline is that if I'm bored and surfing, and see the spam, I'll block & delete, but if I'm already busy as it is, I'm only going to bother with the ones that post a bunch of new pages full of spam, and would keep going all day if they don't get blocked. Even then, I might just block and let the spam sit for Tim's paid team @ Intuit to deal with.

It's actually well into the crazy zone by now, that they haven't been able to figure out how the spammers are getting past their defenses. I wonder if they've written off TA, and will only focus on the Intuit community boards instead?

Trillium 17:59, 26 May 2013 (UTC)

Your wish is my command!

I actually just noticed that it's both sunny and warm outside. Your advice is timely: here I go!


Hiya Belle!!!

Good to hear from you! Hope all is well with you. Doing fine, just a little fatigued here and there, but overall, not bad.

If you have Facebook, I can be found here:

I am a little more active there because I can post jokes more readily. Some are funny. Some, well I try.


Did RexT2013 ever give you the link to

his Yahoo group forum? I'd like to join in also. Kevinh5 02:02, 22 January 2014 (UTC)

Still doing taxes

as well as rep work. The house hasn't sold yet - I took it off the market in Oct because I was going to be teaching most of Nov & Dec, but then some persistent person kept wanting to see it so I let them show it and he put a contract on it for closing in March but I can rent back from him until the end of May. I hope this one goes through!

I put an offer on a more affordable home in Asheville yesterday. I hope to hear back from them today. It is contingent on my current home selling in 2 months.



has been added, but I don't know how to contact him. Kevinh5 22:10, 22 February 2014 (UTC)

Thank you!

Thanks for getting me added to the "trusted users" list. I truly appreciate it.

Unpaid Fees


Ok...Thanks. I figured someone deleted it. But here's the rub: Client ended up paying the taxes that they would have otherwise paid had things been done correctly. In addition, Aa covered the interest and penalties. So, client has been made whole. Plus, by virtue of Aa already agreeing to pay the i&p, he's already admitted fault. So, although the post seemed "damning," everything had already been uncovered, dealt with and fault had been assigned (whether or not such assignment was proper). Therefore, it's not like he was exposing himself by posting to begin with, contrary to Coddington's post.

Ckenefick 18:44, 23 February 2014 (UTC)ckenefick

if you'd like

you can pass on my email to him

kevinhuston @ msn dot com

I'll consider his request, if any Kevinh5 12:59, 24 February 2014 (UTC)

Welcome Back

Thanks for welcoming me back. DaveFogel 18:35, 17 March 2014 (UTC)


This user has no activity since the 2006 set-up of the username - no user profile, no posts. That seems a little odd, so while I did just add that user to the Trusted Users list, I thought I'd double-check with you before "announcing" that change on the Trusted User discussion. If you're in touch with Jdconn, pls request that he/she update his/her user page on the first log in?


Trillium 15:59, 19 March 2014 (UTC)


I agree - TA is now very slow for me too. And I don't think it just "feels" that way because we're so busy! Now and then pages load normally. So I wonder: are the slow periods indicative of spam being fought off? Maybe the posting limitation (trusted users only) utilizes a lot of server capacity, and the only time the site runs right would then be when the spammers take a break. You'd think they'd give up, eventually?

Thanks for being the go-between for the other forum(s). Perhaps all of the discussion about TA on other forums will help bring more interested users here, over time!

Trillium 23:44, 19 March 2014 (UTC)

sdzoo, too

I added both spellings to the Trusted Users list. Strange that I skipped over it before… not sure what I was thinking (or not thinking, more likely).

Trillium 20:35, 20 March 2014 (UTC)

1031 Exchange

Thanks, Belle, I would like to see your worksheet. When I was researching this on Google today one thing came up, Excess Basis, I wasn't sure what that was, I found a couple of good articles, and I believe I have to depreciate that as well, and it will depreciate at the full 27.5 years while the exchange basis, will finish out what the existing depreciation, in this case 11.5 years. Or, an election can be made to depreciate the full new basis over the full 27.5 years. Is that clear and is it right? Actionbsns 06:07, 23 March 2014 (UTC)

1031 Exchange

I did use La Certe, but changed to Drake. I can still go into the program and muck about with prior years. I do that sometimes just to kind of get a second opinion for some things. I'm going to muck about with that a little bit on Monday just to see what I get. Thanks for the information.Actionbsns 19:00, 23 March 2014 (UTC)

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