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TaxCoach Question Reply

Hi Bbowers,

Thanks for your reply. I was beginning to feel like I was the only one to take the plunge with TaxCoach. I am very close to the end of my 30 day trial and I have been wavering back and forth as to whether I should continue on with the subscription.

I have had concerns with the program being too generic. Also I really question whether I could be accused of the unlicensed practice of law regarding some of the fill in the blank forms that accompany the program. Without being too specific, were you able to bill your four clients at the suggested $600.00 level? If not what fee range did you find acceptable by the client. Good luck and thanks again for your response!

Robert H, CFP

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Hi Bbowers, How many phone calls did it take you to get 6 to 8 business clients with Frank's program. I would appreciate the help thanks.

FRank Salman, CPA

Hi Bbowers, this is Muhammad here. We have talked before regarding Franks program. I was just wondering if you could give me a little more info. Can you tell me that roughly how many clients (tax clients) were you able to get using Franks program during the tax season. thanks Muhammad


Frank Slaman


I just wrote a message and it disappeared after I tried to submit. So here it goes again. I feel like I am in your same type of market. I want to concentrate on Lynchburg, Va which is 40 mile from where I live. It has about 3,800 businesses after excluding the industries I am not interested in. I need to have 40,000 in cash flow to quit my current position and focus on building my practice. Was this a doable cash flow for you in the first year? If not how long has it taken for you to get there? The good news for me is that I have about triple the population that you did so I am hoping for a strong showing on the individual program however, I was still a little shocked by the 15 clients you picked up. I was under the impression that the program would do much better than this. In the seminar Frank played the recording of the accountant who was turning away clients and charging what she wanted. Did you get high paying high quality individuals out of the program? Are you going to run both programs again or has your practice started to grow from the initial burst? All of these question are really moot as I have already sent the check to Frank and I am now just waiting on the materials. However, I feel we are in similar markets and I am interested in your views. Oh yeah...Did you take his recommendations on using Kleinrock's and ATX? I have heard horror stories about both and have been considering BNA and Drake as replacements. The other message I wrote was more in depth I don't know where in cyber space it went but maybe you will get it as well..... if you do just ignore one of them. Thanks for your help. 99Hokie 21:04, 11 October 2007 (CDT)

Frank Salman

Hi My name is M Shiraz Khan, CPA. I have recently implemented Franks Individual flyer program. the response has been slow. I have only received about 4 calls since then. I distributed about 50000 flyers. Just wanted to know how was your response when you first started out.

Frank Salman program

Bill, Just wondering if you would share in numbers what your new client growth has been on Frank's program. For example, how many new clients in what period of time. I've spoken with Frank on the phone and am inclined to go with his program, but am curious as to your experiences thanks much Anchorman Anchorman 10:50, 24 July 2008 (CDT)

Dave Ramsey ELP


I noticed on one of the threads that you are an endorsed local provider for Dave Ramsey. I really like Dave's program and admire him and thought about becoming one myself once I pass the EA exam. I am curious to know what the process is and what the process is REALLY like from someone who has done it. Can you give me any inside information you can?



Frank Salman

Hi, Do you mind sharing your experience with Frank's marketing program? I purchased him program in April but did not try it yet. I am interested to know what was your success rate with obtaining monthly bookkeeping clients. Thanks, Jake

Dave Ramsey Program

I also am a Dave Ramsey ELP. I would really like to talk to you by phone or by email.

I run a small public accounting firm and we have been growing very quickly.

Please give me a call at 260-338-0833 or an email at

I am Fort Wayne CPA on tax almanac and my profile and website at will tell you a lot about me and my firm.

Mike Sylvester

ELP & Frank Salmans

I read in your 7/31/08 post that you had particular success with Frank Salman's marketing system for accountants. I'm an accountant EA CFP who is more focussed on tax work as opposed to write-up / monthly accounting work. Would you say that the Salman system is more aligned to CPAs, or could you see a benefit to tax focussed individuals like myself?

I believe that you also commented about gaining a few clients through the Frank Ramsey ELP program. Could you tell me what the cost is and whether you are still an ELP?

Thanks much,

HGCOHgco 15:54, 4 October 2010 (CDT)


I saw your response on an old thread dealing with a paperless office. We also use Ultratax and Filecabinet and presently looking at Gruntworx. I am interested in finding out how Gruntworx is working for other CPAs. Thanks, I appreciate your input. Don James Growthguy2 18:04, 9 December 2011 (UTC)

Hi Bob, I read a post you made about buying out a practice over a four year period. I just did this as well but 33% per year of gross over a three year period. My question: How did you account for the payout to the old owner? Did you expense it or amortize over 15 years or some other timeframe? I make weekly or monthly payments to the old owner so I keep running into the mental challenge of having to determine if I have a bunch of small assets based on each payment (doesn't seem reasonable) or I have an expense to take immediately. Any insight and/or references would be greatly appreciated. Todd Nash, CPA, EA, CFP 760-518-4823 Tnash01 20:00, 9 December 2011 (UTC)

Thanks...that is very helpful. I will be trying a few sample returns with GruntWorx and may contact you with further questions. Don James Growthguy2 13:36, 10 December 2011 (UTC)

Office Tools Pro


I work at a small firm (6 regular employees, 2-3 seasonal employees). We are exploring some options for practice management software. I attended a webinar for Office Tools Pro and have to say I was pretty impressed with the functionality. I searched for discussions on TA and noticed you are using the product at your office. Would you mind providing some additional information about your experience, good and bad? Would you recommend the product? What don't you like about it? Did you evaluate any other products first? Anything else you can think of to share would be greatly appreciated.

Rupert 18:25, 1 November 2012 (UTC)

RE: Frank Salman

Hello Bbowers,

In a previous post you indicated the success you had with the Frank Salman marketing system. Would Frank's system be suitable for a primarily tax prep based practice?


Robert H Hgco 19:20, 5 December 2012 (UTC)

Thanks much! I do appreciated the feedback.

Hgco 23:32, 10 December 2012 (UTC)

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