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I am a California CPA in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work in a small office with a handful of other accountants & tax preparers (CPAs, EA, & soon-to-be's). I prepare about 500 individual and non-1040 returns. And stay pretty busy all year long with everything else that seems to pop up.

I ask a lot of questions here on TA, and I try to pay it forward with a few replies (and even fewer useful replies).


P.S. It really annoys me when the word "gender" is used as a synonym for "sex". These are not synonymous. One could be a masculine female or an effeminate male. What do they do when an application asks for their gender and gives them either an M or F to circle?

P.P.S. Anyhow, my sex is male and my gender is for the most part masculine. I only mention this because for some reason I started being referred to as a "she" on the TA pages. Not sure why. It could be my tendency to argue a moot point.

Bad things happen to jackass procrastinators that don't know how to read and follow instructions.

~ Chris's granny

Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has involved replacing what worked with what sounded good.

~ Thomas Sowell

Don't waste your pain.

~ John Eldredge

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