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My name is Tom Hunnel and I run a tax service in Eugene, OR called "T for Taxes". I have been in the business for twenty years and have been using QuickBooks since 1991. My mission is to get my clients the biggest refund possible or pay the smallest amount in taxes according to the rules and regs of the IRS and all the states I deal with. I am licensed for all 50 states. Right now I have clients in twelve states and hope to attract more. I deal with all levels of tax returns. If I can't do your return I can refer you to someone who can. I welcome new advances in computers and document managment. How cool is it to email your client the tax return in a .pdf format or send them a CD in .pdf? Answer. Very Cool! I am an expert in the self employed. I handle musicians, artists, craftsment, actors, farmers, landlords and what ever else comes my way. I can be reached at or

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