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My name is Tom O'Connor and I am a CPA in Maryland. I have over 20 years experience in tax, controllership and information technology in various small firms/companies. I am also a huge soccer fan.

I am now, sort of, enjoying retirement. I became disabled in 2008 with MS and now there are more important things.

If you want to reach me, I can be reached at

Besides having a beautiful family of a lovely wife and daughter, my other claim to fame:

That's me with my pipe band (bagpipes for the uninitiated). I am on the far left. Taken at the White House St. Patrick's Day 1999 at the Northern Ireland Peace Accord Conference. I do have a picture of me with Roma Downey, star of the former hit TV show "Touched By an Angel" in my office. There are a couple of famous people in this photo. Phil Coulter, well-known Irish musician, is to my left (in between two band members) wearing the suit and tie. The silver haired guy in the middle? There's a couple, but you might be looking at Bill Clinton, then the President of the United States. Pretty neat day for an amateur musician.


By the way, I keep getting inquiries about my user name. For the record, it has nothing to do with the ancient Chinese philosophy. Those are my initials. I get asked this all the time. It was a nickname given to me by one of my favorite former employers.

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