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Hello, my name is Dave Saari and I go by the nickname Suomalainen (It means Finnish person). I'm new here as of 6/29/10.

I'm actually an Electrical Engineer / MBA that had a wonderful 35 year career in lots of businesses and locations with GE, retiring 2008. I'm undertaking a whole new set of activities based on having fun, doing new things, and doing things for others. I go on mission trips and now ref basketball, 400 games a year. I live 40 miles north of New Orleans so I don't have to go far to find others that need help, even Katrina work from 2005.

In 2009, I started as a AARP / VITA / TCE volunteer. My quality was not good enough for me. Then had a ball at the Liberty Tax course. January 2010, the Liberty franchise owner offered me the chance to run his franchise while he opened another. So I did Liberty work, volunteered at AARP again, and opened up an LLC to do taxes for others.

Summer 2010, I joined NATP and attended the July annual meeting in Austin. I took some "get ready for the 2010 filing season" classes the end of 2010. In the 2011 and 2012 tax seasons, I worked for a local CPA firm checking 1000 returns for their preparers. Great experience. And I also quadrupled my little business.

I took the SEE exam 1 this summer and passed. I've now done one C Corp and its bookkeeping and I'm getting experience at Quickbooks, S Corps, and a partnership.

I am looking to network with others to share ideas.


Suomalainen - Cell 985-801-9122 - eMail, and - "
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