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I'm just a guy. Not a tax professional. You won't see CPA, CFP, or Esquire after my name. (OK, you won't even see my name.)

I live in California. I've dealt with New Jersey state taxes also.

I've handled personal income taxes, employer taxes, estate & gift taxes, real estate taxes, investment-related taxes, AMT, et cetera and ad nauseam. Especially ad nauseam.

I've been audited and successfully defended myself without assistance.

I've recovered multi-thousand dollar amounts from the IRS.

I have discovered that there are actual human beings working at the IRS, and they are not evil.

I've used TurboTax since before it existed as such (remember the original MacInTax from ChipSoft?) and am fluent in the IRS and CA FTB web sites.

In principle, I do not mind paying taxes. However, I very often mind what my tax dollars are being spent for. I also resent the fact that the same dollars are taxed over and over. They tax it when you earn it, they tax it when you spend it, they tax it when you save it, and they tax it when you die.

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