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My name is Michael Lim, and I am a CPA who started his own practice in 2003.

I started my career at KPMG, LLP in the Los Angeles office. I worked in both the tax and audit sides of the business, and finally left the firm after five years when I realized that I never was going to make partner (nor did I want to).

After KPMG, I went to work at YUM! Brands (parent company of Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC), where I got involved in M&A work. I worked on several really interesting long term projects that involved franchising, real estate, contract law, and valuations on the buy and sell sides.

Once my time at YUM! Brands ended, I was offered a chance to start my own tax and consulting practice. After 3 years of self-employment, I think I may be getting the hang of things.

My name of my practice is called Semaphore Tax Strategies, and is based in Irvine, CA. Most of my client base is self-employed, or have small businesses, since there is much more opportunity for adding value with these clients.

Michael Lim, CPA
Semaphore Tax Strategies

15560-C Rockfield Blvd.
Irvine, CA 92618

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