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NP This user is a Notary Public.

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Hello, my name is Luis Menendez and I go by the nickname MeneL001. I'm a ex-employee of the Internal Revenue Service and recently started my own business doing bookkeeping, tax and other small business freelance tasks. I'm not a CPA, currently I'm working on my AIPB Certification and Quickbooks ProAdvisor Certification. You can find more information in and I'm working also on a Web site for my business. My practice area is limited to Central Florida but I'm working hard on making my website a key aspect of my business to include anyone from anywhere in the United States of America. I will be updating my profile in the next couple of months.

If you'd like to leave me a message, you can contact me at or just select the discussion tab at the top of this page.

Thank you!

Luis Menendez
Tax Preparer
Notary Public in the State of Florida

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