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Jeff Wolfe, TaxAlmanac Founding Architect


My name is Jeff Wolfe, and I was fortunate enough to be the founding architect for TaxAlmanac. In the earliest days, I was responsible for the technology needs of TaxAlmanac, along with lots of support from other great people at Intuit. I've been with Intuit for almost two years, and have been in tax software for many more years. Other than tax, I've worked on software and hardware systems for the US military and NASA. Of all of the projects I've worked on, I have to say TaxAlmanac is one of my favorites. It's very exciting to watch this community grow and support each other. TaxAlmanac is definitely turning out to be something special.

In my off time, I also support the web site of the Bradenton Twirling Academy, a non-profit competitive baton twirling organization. This project has really helped me appreciate how easy-to-use technology can help a small business make big improvements.

I'd like to express a sincere thanks to the team working on MediaWiki and the Wikimedia Foundation. While we have no direct affiliation with them, their contributions to the wiki community are a tremendous help in building collaborative sites like this one.

People You Should Know:

  • Michael Rainwater, a good friend of mine, has recently accepted the architect responsibilities on TaxAlmanac. This guy is great! You're going to see very cool things in the future.
  • Hopefully you've met or seen Tim Doyle, our moderator, by now. Tim is absolutely passionate about TaxAlmanac and this community. We wouldn't be here today without his tireless efforts.

Feel free to leave me a message on my discussion page, or drop me a line using the "email this user" link off to the left.

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