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Greetings to all.

My name is Mike. I have been preparing tax returns for over 37 years and have served 6 years on the Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners. My primary management experience has been as the CFO for several large heavy construction companies. I feel fortunate to have experienced that exposure to so many specialized areas of accounting, managment, dispute resolution and tax issues that working in public accounting does not give you. I work by myself in my part-time tax practice, and have a nice office set up in the basement of our new home located on 15 acres of beautiful farm and timber land. It's hard not to get distracted by the herd of elk that frequent our pastures, the wild turkeys that seem to have adopted this as their new home (me thinks its the grain that our goats share with them that keeps them here), and all the other wild critters that show up from time to time.

Previously, I had an office on the north end of our prior residence where I met with my clients. It's actually the office that I had when I had my full-time accounting and tax preparation practice several years ago. Since then I have worked for several CPA firms, including a large regional firm here locally. My private tax preparation practice now consists of the remnants of those clients when I was at it full-time.

I live right on the Oregon Coast in the beautiful Greater Bay Area of Coos Bay. We actually do get sunshine here regardless of what you hear about Oregon. We try to keep that quiet to keep the rifraff out. OK, only kidding. It's a wonderful area to have raised my family, 3 grown kids. It's just my wife, our pure bred chocolate labs (Mousse)and his new friend Molly, and me now.

By educating my clients, I have been fortunate over the years to have built up a loyal but small client base. They are trained to fill out the organizer and bring in all the documents needed the first time which saves them fees and hassles for me. I'm thankful that I came across this forum, and look forward to the interchange with the rest of you.

Have a fulfilling, stress free filing season.



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