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Steve Brooks, CQA

Hi everyone! My name is Steve Brooks. The CQA stands for Certified QuickBooks Advisor! No, I am not a CPA but a CQA! as I tell all my clients. However, I have credentials and training to qualify me to take the CPA exam I just never have sat for the exam since I chose a different career path. While in college (many years ago) I was preparing to enter the field of aviation. While studying to achieve a BBA in Aviation Management I took several elective courses that led to an almost second major in Accounting (one course shy - Auditing II). It was while attending college that I worked as a Junior Accountant for a local CPA firm assisting in tax preparation (using one of the first computer prepared tax preparation systems - 80 column IBM cards and all!). I then went into the military upon college graduation and became a B-52 pilot for the USAF. Twenty-one years later I retired from the USAF and was hired by American Airlines and just recently retired from that position as B-767/B-757 Captain. I now have turned my part time tax preparation and bookkeeping services into a third career using ProSeries tax preparation software and QuickBooks consulting services. I look forward to offering whatever expertise I can to this forum and I look forward to interacting with all those that are a part of this fine project. Please visit my website at - you will be treated to a young fellow and his 'go fast' airplane

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