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Hello, my name is Fred Stein, I am a CPA and have been in practice almost 20 years at this point. Prior to this 2007 I had been a sole practitioner with my office based in Schenectady, NY. In the past year, I have opened offices in Oneonta and have also bought a tax practice in Cobleskill which prepares over 700 tax returns.

Prior to this year, my main focus has been on audits and consulting. I have always done taxes, but usually only did approximately 100 returns a year before this one. Scheduling my time has never really been a factor before and this is definitely a new experience. lol.

My consulting practice includes helping organizations that are in fiscal or administrative trouble, I go in or bring in a team of associates to help out on a temporary basis by doing a needs analysis for management, or by going in as a temporary controller.

In addition, I am a SAGE reseller of MAS 90/200 accounting software that occasionally takes me around the east coast doing trainings and implementations.

Also, in October, I bought one of my clients restaurants. A cute little cafe in the Wal-Mart plaza. That also is a learning experience.

Enough about business. I also have two awesome children. My daughter is 17 and in her final year of high school. She will soon be off trying to obtain a law degree. 98+ GPA all through high school. Battling for the valedictorian position. Also captain of her soccer team as voted on by the team. Point guard for the basketball team, all county in music, president of her class, made state for track and all this in a tiny little 5'1" barely 100 lb frame. I don't think she has any idea how proud of her I am, although I tell her often.

Then there is my son, my 12 year old boy. His problem, other than being a 12 year old boy, is that he believes he has to live up to his sisters achievements. He doesn't do too bad. 7th grader this year, 94.8 GPA whcih got him upset because he missed the Dean's list. He is also a natural athlete, playing basketball, also point guard. Soccer goalie for first half until the coach decided they needed his speed out front and of course baseball. 2nd base, SS and catcher <his favorite position>. He played youth hockey the past few years but decided to not play this year as 7th grade is a big transition and he wanted to make sure his grades didn't suffer. that's my boy. Beginning to hit the school dances this year too. Watch out ladies. And yes, I am equally proud of that little rug rat as well. I have been blessed with great kids. Extremely blessed as my mother's curse and desire that I have kids exactly like me never came true. I am thankful every day that these children do not do the things I did when I was their age. lol.

Well, there you have it. A little bit about me. As you can see from my profile and from my posts, I tend to get a little wordy. Always saying with 10 words what 3 might do.


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