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Hello, my name is Rudy and I go by the nickname Ex-IRS.

I worked at the IRS for 20 years, mostly in IMF Adjustments (now known as Tax Accounts) but also in Processing, Extraction, Data Entry, ERS, Collections and with the last 7 years working in the Examination Branch conducting audits on various issues.

I was also an instructor for the Examination Branch where I instructed new IRS employees on IRS examination procedures.

I resigned in July 2002 after IRS management and some employees began to harass and retaliate against me for some whistleblowing I had done. Although I resigned, the IRS refused to process my resignation and instead sent me an initial letter stating I had to report to work and then every two weeks the IRS sent a letter stating that I had not reported to work and was therefore charged 40 hours of AWOL (Away WithOut Leave). The IRS sent these letters for a year and then fired me for not showing up to work.

I recently started my own business doing tax work in McAllen, Texas. You can visit my website at [1].

If you'd like to leave me a message, just select the discussion tab at the top of this page. However, make sure you leave me your email address so that I can respond to you.

You can also visit the Contact page on my website at [2].

Thank you!


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