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I am an Enrolled agent working from my house near the Jersey shore but with most of my business in Philadelphia. The business is named 'Death & Taxes Inc.' and is registered as a corporation in both Penna and NJ. It also trades under the name of Farfel Associates, a fictitious name registered in both states. So my handle is very accurate, as is my tax advice, I hope. I concentrate on individual returns of all states and do most of my work by mail, email, fax and telephone. Did small business taxes and write-ups in the 70s, spent the 80s working for a prominent tax lawyer in Philly and went into business for self in May, 1990. Advice: never start a tax business in May!

FARFEL March ?, 1994 -- February 7, 2007

The one without gray hair in her mustache is Farfel. Photo taken during first cold spell, late October 2005, Island Beach State Park NJ.

Image:David and dog at Island Beach.JPG

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