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CPA This user is a Certified Public Accountant.

I am a licensed CPA practicing in New Jersey. I also teach accounting courses as an adjunct at the local college. I recently left an association with another CPA and am very glad I did because I value integrity.

I am a member of my local Kiwanis Club. I am one of the youngest at 51. We recently lost our oldest member at the age of 98! Sharp as a tack, he worked on Wall Street during the crash in 1929!!

Because I have difficulty saying no, I found myself volunteering at a few 501 c 3 organizations. I should never have told them I was a CPA because as soon as I did I found myself providing them with free professional services.

My favorite Claude Rains movie? Without a doubt "Notorious" When you have Grant, Bergman and Hitchcock together, it only gets better with Rains. Why didn't Hollywood give that man an Oscar?????

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