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Hi my name is Sandy Kapp and I go by the nickname Bruschi. I currently have a small bookkeeping - tax business that I have opperated for 20 years out of my home while life has spun around me. I did practice as a CPA in LA for a few years before I decided to downsize to concentrate on the education and nurturing of my moderately learning disabled son. Who I may proudly add just graduated from college. Although I attend personal tax seminars annually, I really have not kept upto date on other tax issues. I really do basic returns and small businesses. I did not transfer my license to this state and don't plan to at this point. I also teach special education now at my local elementary school which has become my primary love. So, for those encouraging me to post my profile, now you have it. I find this site extremely helpful and interesting. Thank you to all who help to make it so, Sandy

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