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Hello, we are an income tax and bookkeeping company located in Pontiac, Michigan. The bulk of our client base have simple 1040's. We have a good handful of sole proprietors, partnerships, and S-Corp. In addition, we have a few Tax Exempt Organization's and Trust return customers.

We prepare about 1,100 tax returns a year and have a few bookkeeping clients. In addition, the owners of Amtax, LLC solely own a Mortgage Brokerage company. Our mortgage services compliment our income tax and bookkeeping services.

Amtax is owned by 3 brothers that come from diverse backgrounds - information technology, commercial and retail banking, commodities trading and Mortgage services.

Our philosophy is to offer high quality, professional accounting services at a resonable rate. Amtax provides it's simplest customer with the same respect and personal attention as it does its most complicated business client. We also strive to educate our clients in the basics of income taxes in order to minimize each client's annual income tax liability.

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