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Hi! Call me Adinkra.

I live just west of Chicago, IL. For the last 4 years, I have worked as a tax preparer for a major national consumer tax preparation company.

Progress towards getting licensed as an Enrolled Agent:

  • Passed Section 1 of the EA Exam -- July 2010
  • Taking Section 2 of the EA Exam -- October 2010 (second attempt)
  • Passed Section 3 of the EA Exam -- October 2010

I've decided not to return to Super Large National Tax Prep Corporation, and I'll be having my first child in December 2010. I'm trying to see what my options are for:

  • using my love of tax preparation for individuals and small businesses,
  • maintaining the flexibility of being at home while my child is very young, and
  • making a half-way decent income (as I am tired of putting in thousands of dollars worth of work for hundreds of dollars in pay and no benefits).
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