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Perennially Hot Topics

Articles with Recent Updates

- Unrecaptured Section 1250 Gain
- Health Care Act of 2010
- MO - Underpayment Interest Rates
- NY - Underpayment Interest Rates
- Foreign Tax Credit
- K-1 Issues for Individual Taxpayers, General
- American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
- American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012
- Uniform Definition of a Child
- 2005 Tax Law Changes - Uniform Definition of a Qualifying Child

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IRS Notices, Rev Rulings, and Rev Procs

note, while this list will generally include only the newest IRS releases, it may also list older material that has recently been edited for formatting or to link to more current information.

- Rev. Rul. 64-220
- Rev. Rul. 82-96
- Rev. Rul. 69-63
- Rev. Rul. 74-71
- Rev. Rul. 86-14
- Rev. Rul. 60-14
- Rev. Rul. 75-368
- Rev. Rul. 60-87
- Rev. Rul. 55-65
- Rev. Rul. 60-127

More IRS materials - 2009:

More IRS materials - 2010:

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Tax Discussions with Recent Activity

- This site is CLOSED - go to www.TaxProTalk.com
- COD exclusion-why use if don't need?
- Canadian NR has business in US
- Active S-Corp Dist in Excess of Basis and NII
- So much for June 1!
- So long and thanks for all the fish
- 2% S/H pays health insurance himself
- Is the Household Employer the Trust or Beneficiary
- Ohio preparers
- Last Post - Who will it be?

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