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  1. Introduction  
  3. Introduce yourself  
  4. Join in!  

Introduction page...

  • The TaxAlmanac User Introductions forum is a great way to say hello to other TaxAlmanac community members and announce your arrival.
  • Everyone is invited to introduce themselves and to read what others are saying.

Your personal User page...

  • Once you create a username, you have a User Page (profile).
  • This is where you should tell others about yourself and your qualifications - your experience level/background as a tax professional.
  • Simply click on your username at the very top of the page, click the edit tab, and add info as desired (removing the boilerplate text). Click Save page when you're done.
  • Your level of experience may be an important consideration when users are developing an appropriate answer for your questions, or when assessing the reliability of answers you provide to others.
    Please update your profile before participating in any discussions.

    (You must already be signed in for the profile link to work.)

User Talk pages...

  • Every registered user has a discussion page (also known as a talk page).
  • You can leave messages to other users on their talk page.
  • Occasionally, check your own talk page (by clicking on the my talk link next to your user name at the top of the screen). This is where other members of the community may sometimes leave messages for you.
  • You will be alerted to new messages with a splash across the top of the page when you next sign in.
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