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Page titles in MediaWiki are composed of two parts: an optional namespace name, and the remainder of the title. For example, this page has the title TaxAlmanac:Namespaces, so it is in the TaxAlmanac namespace. A title without a colon, for example Contributing, is in the main namespace.

Namespaces allow a separation of content from policy and discussion. They encourage separation of the pages of a wiki into a core set intended for public viewing, and private information intended for the editing community.


List of namespaces

Name of Namespace Notes
Main Namespace The main namespace contains the primary content of TaxAlmanac: topical articles related to taxation and tax law interpretation.
User Namespace The User namespace contains user homepages.
TaxAlmanac Namespace The TaxAlmanac namespace should be used for pages containing TaxAlmanac Information & Value Proposition, TaxAlmanac Administration Pages, Community Pages, and pages used on the Main Page.
Help Namespace The Help namespace should be used for pages which contain information on how to use the site.
Image Namespace The image namespace should contain pages with descriptions for each uploaded image file.
MediaWiki Namespace The MediaWiki namespace contains system messages.
Template Namespace The Template namespace is used for templates used on other pages.
Category Namespace The Category namespace contains pages which display a list of all other pages designated as being a part of that category.

Note that all characters of namespace prefixes are case-insensitive, so one can write e.g "mediawiki".

Main Namespace

The main namespace contains the following:

Necessary Redirects

It also currently contains the following pages which may need to be moved:

User Namespace

TaxAlmanac Namespace

Current pages in the TaxAlmanac Namespace:

TaxAlmanac Information & Value Proposition
TaxAlmanac Administration Pages
Community Pages
Main Page Pieces
Necessary Redirects
Pages which should probably be moved to the Help Namespace

Category Namespace

The Category Namespace should be used to ...

Current pages in the Category Namespace:

Help Namespace

Template Namespace

MediaWiki Namespace

Image Namespace

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