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Business Briefs Blog, March 22, 2007
Free Tax Information Wiki
"There really is a lot to find here. Probably most useful to visitors are the Tax Research Library and Discussion Forums, where users can discuss various tax issues and post their own questions."  

The CPA Journal Online, March 2007
Website of the Month: TaxAlmanac
"The website is most useful for professionals who want quick access to the IRC or Treasury Regulations, who are stumped by a practice question, or who want to share their expertise."  

InformationWeek, February 3, 2007
Intuit Taps Web 2.0 Technologies
"Intuit also is tapping into other Web 2.0 technologies. The company's TaxAlmanac is modeled after Wikipedia and is subjected to a strict peer review of tax professionals."  

News@Cisco Notes, January, 2007
Cisco General Counsel on State of Technology in the Law
"All around the periphery of the legal industry, standardization of information is happening. Check out, which uses wiki to create sophisticated, easily-searchable on-line discussions, and ultimately counseling, by tax professionals on a variety of topics. Counseling will be the next frontier, as tools like taxalmanac spread to other legal areas, from sweepstakes and promotions to export regulations to human resources to securities law compliance."  

CPA Technology Advisor, January, 2007
2006 Readers' Choice Awards
"The rapid growth in popularity of TaxAlmanac is noteworthy, since the free online research "wiki" was introduced just over a year ago. The tax information portal received a 2006 Tax & Accounting Technology Innovation Award."  

Tax Playa's Blog, December 19, 2006
Tax Links
"This premier tax wiki has real-time Internal Revenue Code/Title 26, real-time Treasury regulations, and a very helpful message board."  

Rex Hammock's Weblog, October 31, 2006
Microsoft, Intuit, Google and everyone else battle for small businesses
"One of the most impressive company-sponsored wikis I am aware of is Intuit’s which it hosts primarily for this professional (and referral) community."  

Internet Legal Research Weekly, October 1, 2006
Legally Relevant – Sites on the Internet
"There's a lot to find here - the top of the main page has quite a large menu. There are separate links to topics like Income, Deductions, Depreciation, Forms and Publications, and more. There are links to a Tax Research Library, which includes access to the Tax Code, Regulations, topical articles, and other research resources. Also great are the discussion forums, which allow users to talk about tax issues and get questions answered.", August 31, 2006
Entrepreneurs, Start Your Wikis
"Intuit, of Turbo Tax software fame, launched Tax Almanac, a wiki where tax professionals share ideas."  

CPA Magazine, August/September, 2006 Includes an Up-to-date Version of the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations
"TaxAlmanac brings together tax and accounting professionals who want to share knowledge, information, and insight about tax law research... TaxAlmanac has various resources available to serve the needs of accounting professionals, as well as lawyers, government officials and even students studying accounting or taxation."  

The Mercury News (San Jose), July 24, 2006
Under-the-radar wiki Web sites aid collaboration - Sites Improve Efficiency and Cut Down on E-mail
"Intuit uses wiki on the site because tax law is continually updated, and it is easy for other publishing solutions to get stale."  

CPA Technology Advisor, June 5, 2006
Top Technologies for Accounting & Tax Professionals Recognized
", a new web-based research system from Intuit (, received an Innovation Award because of its use of "Wiki" technology to provide a free interactive tax research portal for professionals. The non-commercial website allows registered users to update and maintain the research content on the site, allowing professionals to assist each other through collaboration."  

WebCPA, May 12, 2006
Hooking up: Tax research gets platform 'agnostic'
"Intuit's, launched last year, provides an alternative to traditional tax research. Users can network with peers and solicit advice on any tax topic. In addition, it contains Wiki-based articles that can be accessed and updated by anyone, while Web site administrators review the new or updated content for accuracy."  

The CPA Technology Advisor, April 6, 2006
Intuit — Lacerte Tax 2005
"The Intuit-sponsored web site provides a free peer-reviewed tax research and knowledge web portal that uses a Wiki-style system where any of the site’s registered users can enter, edit or update data."  

Warrillow Weekly, April 18, 2006
Intuit's wiki ways win word-of-mouth
"A cutting-edge example of Intuit's wiki success is The site is a wiki about taxes for tax professionals. Users can research tax laws and regulations, ask questions and share information and best practices, and it's free. "In a matter of weeks and months, thousands of accountants were using the site to collect and share information," says Steve Cook. Wiki technology is an example of a social software program that will enable you to constantly connect with your customers, and your customers with one another, and like, if done right, can create thriving communities that will get your customers talking about you."  

thegoodseed Blog - technology, behavior and the network effect, April 8, 2006
33 Wikis: # 16 -- The Tax Almanac
"There are so many reasons we like this wiki, starting with the corporate sponsorship ... TaxAlmanac is a smart use of a collaborative environment where everyone can benefit -- the professional community and the corporate sponsor alike -- while the burden of developing and maintaining the wiki is distributed. Second, this is a very good resource that taps the wisdom of a very sophisticated crowd that live and work across the country. And it's a nicely designed (organized) wiki, making it easier for participants to find what they need and contribute."  

eGov Monitor, November 23, 2005
Wikipedia: The Dawn of a Democratic Media?
"Intuit, the accounting software company, has started a public-facing tax knowledgebase edited by its own customers."  

BusinessWeek, November 21, 2005
The Web Smart 50
"Project: Connect with more tax professionals by creating, a free wiki, or online workspace, where accountants collaborate to compile tax law resources. Payoff: Thousands of tax attorneys, professors, and authors have contributed more than 8,000 articles since April."  

Rich Edelman, November 2, 2005
Score One for the Luddites
"We should put around the positive cases of blogging ... Several examples were cited in a Council of PR Firms conference last week. One is Intuit's, which seeks to document best practices for tax accountants."  

Web Site Expert, October, 2005
Simple, Collaborative, Quick: Wiki Websites
"One of the few businesses to successfully launch a wiki site is Intuit... Articles cover the gamut of tax issues in the U.S. - bankruptcy, deducting meals, real estate, as well as a forum for questions and answers."  

Intuit, October 5, 2005
A New, Innovative Approach to Tax Research
"That's the answer! That's how we can help our tax customers – and redefine the tax research experience.", September, 2005 Offers Interactive Online Resource
"Sponsored by Intuit as a nonrevenue generating site, offers the promise of a revolutionary leap forward in how tax professionals research tax laws and create and share knowledge."  

The CPA Technology Advisor, September 1, 2005 Offers Interactive Online Resource
"Enter, a wiki for accountants and tax professionals focusing on tax law and related topics. Sponsored by Intuit as a non-revenue generating site, offers the promise of a revolutionary leap forward in how tax professionals research tax laws and create and share knowledge."  

blawg, July 14, 2005
Watch Out! Here Comes a Tax Law Wiki
"I ran across a new website called TaxAlmanac. This is not your run-of-the-mill tax portal, but an experiment in using Wiki technology to develop a living encyclopedia on Tax Law."  

mnot's Web log, July 9, 2005
Never Mind the Corporate Blogs; Here's the Wiki
"Very cool; this shows real imagination — and guts, frankly — on Intuit’s part. Although it’s targeted at the professional community, it’ll doubtless be a real asset to individual taxpayers, and maybe even legislators, as well."  

WebCPA, undated, about July, 2005
TaxAlmanac Helping Online Boom
"Intuit has launched an online tax research Web site, TaxAlmanac, which enables practitioners to post questions and answers. The site,, is a Web-based free-content encyclopedia, to which users can submit articles."  

Why Knowledge Management, June 21, 2005
The Good, the Bad, and the Wiki
"... it was encouraging to see today ... the good news of another large organization with (IMHO) an interesting and potentially successful Wiki. Intuit, the providers of Quicken, Quickbooks, and TurboTax has a Tax Wiki (TaxAlmanac) with nearly 8,000 pages and articles."  

Time Magazine, June 6, 2005
It's a Wiki Wiki World
"A Community of Customers - Intuit just launched TaxAlmanac, a wiki where accountants can talk taxes and professional ethics."  

SmartPros, June 6, 2005
Intuit Launches
"Tax practitioners can post articles, questions and answers on a new beta Web site powered by Intuit."  

Intuit, May 25, 2005
Announcing, an online research tool for tax professionals
"You’re invited to become part of a new online community and utilize our free tax research tool built by tax professionals like you."  

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