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Hi, everyone here,

I am running into a bad situation that my (a public traded IT contract house) employer did not pay my FICA since 1999 until middle 2006 I found the issue through the yearly report from social security report(Because the SS report voided my earning history list in the report and I noticed it, and visited their office and showed the copy.). I reported it to my employer. But my employer started to cut the FICA from my paycheck only from January, 2007 since they told me that started to in the middle of 2006 would raise the red flag immediately. I beleive my employer made a record of sunch thing.

The thing is that the total amount summed up is a big number uo to $40,000, which my employer did not deduct from my paycheck through those years. I requested all the time for a discussion and negotiation on the solution. But my employer refused my requests. Now my employer threatened me to add the sum as my this year's W2 wages and force me to pay the tax for it since they prepared a so-called promissory note to ask me to sign to pay them back each week over $200 for 200 weeks and I rejected to sign it without negotiation.

The fact is that FICA tax is the employer responsibility to deduct it from each of my paychecks. It has been their mistakes year after year or bad accounting practice or failure to follow the auditing practice to find it out their mistake. How do they file for SEC report as a public trade company? How is their annual auditing practiced? I know contract house always does its best to squeeze money from contracting employees. I deserve a negotiation or fair solution. But they simply rejected my requests. Did they deserve take any hit of their mistakes of many years?

I did not care about my current job and want to fight about it. Does any one have tips or knows a good attorney to help me?

Thanks, gq

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