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Stock Price History - Historical Stock Prices (basis)

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This article will list various websites that have been recommended over the years, for people looking for information on old stock prices, stock histories, basis calculators, dividend reinvestment program calculations, etc. This list is not an all-encompassing list of the research sites that have been posted in various discussions, and probably won't end up being updated very frequently, so be sure to do a search of the discussion archives for other recommendations.

This list is in no particular order, and the websites are those listed in the original discussions, and have not been checked for current status.

Other recommendations:

  • Call a full-service broker (yours or one you partner with for things like this) to get the info.
  • If your local library has a Bloomberg Terminal use that. They have a Historical Price feature. You may have to ask the librarian as to how to access it.

Also, for a single stock or mutual fund, try the company's website (look for investor relations and then stock price, split, drip, etc. details).

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