Other Deduction Questions (2004 IRS FAQ)

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IRS FAQ 3.7 Itemized Deductions/Standard Deductions: 7. Other Deduction Questions

My spouse and I are filing separate returns. How can we split our itemized deductions?

If you and your spouse file separate returns and one of you itemizes deductions, the other spouse will have a standard deduction of zero. Therefore, the other spouse should also itemize deductions.

You may be able to claim itemized deductions on a separate return for certain expenses that you paid separately or jointly with your spouse. Deductible expenses that are paid out of separate funds, such as medical expenses, are deductible by the spouse who pays them. If these expenses are paid from community funds, the deduction may depend on whether or not you live in a community property state. In a community property state, the deduction is, generally, divided equally between you and your spouse. For more information refer to Publication 504, Divorced or Separated Individuals; and Publication 555, Community Property.


I am in a disaster area and heard the IRS could help me. What can the IRS do?

If you have been affected by a Presidentially declared disaster, the IRS may help you by allowing additional time for filing returns and making payments, and in some circumstances, waiving penalties if the disaster has caused you to file or pay late. The IRS may also, provide copies or transcripts of previously filed returns, free of charge. You may be eligible to file for a casualty loss deduction on the prior year's tax return, or if you have already filed, by amended return (Form 1040X). For additional information on this subject, refer to Casualty, Disaster, and Theft Losses, Casualty, Disaster, and Theft Losses, and Publication 547, Casualties, Disasters, and Theft.


Source: IRS.gov

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