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This page is where pages can be marked as "sticky" so they are displayed at the top of lists returned by the Recent Pages extension. This is most commonly done on the Discussion Forum Index pages, such as Discussion Forum - Tax Questions.

  • The parameter name should be set to "sticky"
  • The parameter value should be set to any value other than "000" to set an item as sticky.
  • If more than one value is set for the value parameter, they will be displayed in reverse order.
  • To remove sticky from a page, set it's value to "000". After saving, they can then be removed from the list (optional).

Attribute: sticky="m"

ID Title

Discussion:Frequently Asked Questions

Attribute: sticky="l"

ID Title

New Article for 11.18.2010 - JGA


Discussion:Tax Research Resources

Attribute: sticky="000"

Unable to display extended attributes for sticky = off.

Attribute: sticky="g"

ID Title

Discussion:How to find a local Tax Professional

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