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Notice 2007-1 - T.D. 9281 Effective Date
Notice 2007-2 - Amounts Received Under Accident and Health Plans
Notice 2007-3 - 2006 Cumulative List of Changes in Plan Qualification Requirements
Notice 2007-4 - Transition Relief for Certain Partnerships and Other Pass-Thru Entities Under § 470
Notice 2007-5 - This Notice Clarifies and Modifies Certain Provisions of the Temporary and Proposed Regulations Under Section 482 of the Code Relating to Controlled Services Transactions, and Section 6662 of the Code Relating to Transfer Pricing Documentation Penalties
Notice 2007-6 - Cash Balance and Other Hybrid Defined Benefit Pension Plans
Notice 2007-7 - Miscellaneous Pension Protection Act Changes
Notice 2007-8 - In-Service Benefits Permitted to be Provided at Age 62 by a Pension Plan
Notice 2007-9 - Look-thru Rule for Related Controlled Foreign Corporations
Notice 2007-10 - Classification of Certain Foreign Entities
Notice 2007-11 - Communications Excise Tax; Toll Telephone Service
Notice 2007-12 - Weighted Average Interest Rates Update
Notice 2007-13 - Modification of the Substantial Assistance Rules
Notice 2007-14 - Description of Benefits Permitted to be Provided in Qualified Defined Benefit Plans
Notice 2007-15 - Closing Agreements for Certain Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts that Fail to Meet the Requirements of Section 817(h), 7702 or 7702A (As Applicable)
Notice 2007-16 - Estimated Tax Penalty for Citizens or Residents of the United States Living Abroad
Notice 2007-17 - Modifications of Commercial Mortgage Loans Held by a REMIC
Notice 2007-18 - Definition of Party and Allocation of Net Income or Proceeds for Purposes of Section 4965
Notice 2007-19 - Statute of Limitations on Assessment Concerning Certain Individuals Filing Income Tax Returns With the U.S. Virgin Islands
Notice 2007-20 - Weighted Average Interest Rates Update
Notice 2007-21 - Study on Donor Advised Funds and Supporting Organizations
Notice 2007-22 - Health Savings Accounts
Notice 2007-23 - 2007 Calendar Year Resident Population Estimates
Notice 2007-24 - Reporting on Acquisitions of Interests in Insurance Contracts in Which Certain Tax-Exempt Organizations Hold an Interest
Notice 2007-25 - Revised Housing Cost Amounts Eligible for Exclusion or Deduction
Notice 2007-26 - Clean Renewable Energy Bonds
Notice 2007-27 - Weighted Average Interest Rates Update
Notice 2007-28 - Certain Deduction Limits Under the Pension Protection Act of 2006
Notice 2007-29 - Request for Comments and Interim Guidance Regarding Allocation of Costs Under the Simplified Methods of Accounting Under § 263A
Notice 2007-30 - Frivolous Positions
Notice 2007-31 - Statute of Limitations and Exchange of Information Concerning Certain Individuals Filing Income Tax Returns With the U.S. Virgin Islands
Notice 2007-32 - Weighted Average Interest Rates Update
Notice 2007-33 - Weighted Average Interest Rates Update
Notice 2007-34 - Guidance Regarding the Application of Section 409A to Split-Dollar Life Insurance Arrangements
Notice 2007-35 - Common Mistakes on Tax Returns
Notice 2007-36 - GO Zone Bonus Depreciation Additional Guidance
Notice 2007-37 - Renewable Diesel
Notice 2007-38 - Nonconventional Source Fuel Credit, Section 45K Inflation Adjustment Factor, and Section 45K Reference Price
Notice 2007-39 - Disciplinary Actions Under Section 822 of the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004
Notice 2007-40 - Credit for Renewable Electricity Production, Refined Coal Production, and Indian Coal Production, and Publication of Inflation Adjustment Factors and Reference Prices for Calendar Year 2007
Notice 2007-41 - Public Comment Invited on Recommendations for 2007-2008 Guidance Priority List
Notice 2007-42 - Treatment of Currency Gain That a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Recognizes From a Qualified Business Unit (QBU) of the REIT
Notice 2007-43 - Credit for Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property
Notice 2007-44 - Department Store Inventory Price Indexes Published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for Use With the Retail and LIFO Inventory Methods
Notice 2007-45 - Guidance Regarding Public Inspection of Unrelated Business Income Tax Returns
Notice 2007-46 - Credit for New Qualified Heavy-Duty Hybrid Motor Vehicles
Notice 2007-48 - Treatment Under Section 367(b) of Property Used to Purchase Parent Stock From Parent Shareholders in Certain Triangular Reorganizations
Notice 2007-49 - Covered Employees Under Section 162(m)(3)
Notice 2007-50 - Guidance Regarding Deductions by Individuals for Qualified Conservation Contributions
Notice 2007-51 - Weighted Average Interest Rates Update
Notice 2007-52 - Qualifying Advanced Coal Project Program
Notice 2007-53 - Qualifying Gasification Project Program
Notice 2007-54 - Preparer Penalty Provisions Under the Small Business and Work Opportunity Act of 2007
Notice 2007-55 - Guidance to Clarify the Treatment of Certain Distributions Under Internal Revenue Code Section 897(h)(1)
Notice 2007-56 - Change of Address for Submission of CREBs Applications
Notice 2007-57 - Loss Importation Transaction
Notice 2007-58 - Request for Comments Regarding Financial Services Income Under Section 904(d)
Notice 2007-59 - Qualified Payment Card Agent Determination
Notice 2007-60 - Transition Relief Regarding the Active Trade or Business Requirement for Certain Transactions
Notice 2007-61 - Weighted Average Interest Rates Update
Notice 2007-62 - Excluded Bona Fide Severance Pay Plans Under § 457(e)(11) and Amounts Subject to a Substantial Risk of Forfeiture Under § 457(f)
Notice 2007-63 - Repayment of Commodity Credit Corporation Loans
Notice 2007-64 - 2007 Section 43 Inflation Adjustment
Notice 2007-65 - 2007 Marginal Production Rates
Notice 2007-66 - Relief From Certain Low-Income Housing Credit Requirements Due to Hurricane Katrina
Notice 2007-67 - Extension of Transition Relief for Indian Tribal Government Plans
Notice 2007-68 - Weighted Average Interest Rates Update
Notice 2007-69 - Relief Related to Plan Amendment of Definition of Normal Retirement Age
Notice 2007-70 - Information Reporting by Organizations That Receive Charitable Contributions of Certain Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes
Notice 2007-71 - Modification of Notice 2003-81
Notice 2007-72 - Transaction of Interest — Contribution of Successor Member Interest
Notice 2007-73 - Transaction of Interest — Toggling Grantor Trust
Notice 2007-74 - Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief and Bankruptcy
Notice 2007-75 - Weighted Average Interest Rates Update
Notice 2007-76 - Qualified Transportation Fringes
Notice 2007-77 - Determination of Housing Cost Amounts Eligible for Exclusion or Deduction for 2007
Notice 2007-78 - 2008 Transition Relief and Additional Guidance on the Application of § 409A to Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans
Notice 2007-79 - Alternative Signature Methods for Electronic Return Originators
Notice 2007-80 - Extension of Replacement Period for Livestock Sold on Account of Drought in Specified Counties
Notice 2007-81 - Interest Rate Modification
Notice 2007-82 - Update for Weighted Average Interest Rates, Yield Curves, and Segment Rates
Notice 2007-83 - Abusive Trust Arrangements Utilizing Cash Value Life Insurance Policies Purportedly to Provide Welfare Benefits
Notice 2007-84 - Trust Arrangements Purporting to Provide Nondiscriminatory Post-Retirement Medical and Life Insurance Benefits
Notice 2007-85 - Form 8918 — Section 6111 Disclosures
Notice 2007-86 - Notice of Additional 2008 Transition Relief under Section 409A
Notice 2007-87 - 2008 Limitations Adjusted As Provided in Section 415(d), etc.
Notice 2007-88 - Proposed Changes to the Process for Obtaining the Commissioner’s Consent to Change a Method of Accounting
Notice 2007-89 - Reporting and Wage Withholding Under Internal Revenue Code § 409A
Notice 2007-90 - Security Under Section 6166 Elections
Notice 2007-91 - Update for Weighted Average Interest Rates, Yield Curves, and Segment Rates
Notice 2007-92 - Social Security Contribution and Benefit Base for 2008
Notice 2007-93 - Interim Guidance Under Section 6404(g)
Notice 2007-95 - Effective Dates of Regulations Under Section 901
Notice 2007-96 - Payments From the Presidential Election Campaign Fund
Notice 2007-97 - Alternative Fuel; Definition of Liquid Hydrocarbon
Notice 2007-98
Notice 2007-99
Notice 2007-100
Notice 2007-101
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