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Discussion:Yellow Search Box

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Discussion Forum Index --> Basic Tax Questions --> Yellow Search Box

Discussion Forum Index --> Tax Questions --> Yellow Search Box

Ddoshan (talk|edits) said:

2 February 2012
I've used and searched that box several times. Spent quite some time at it at times. Don't know if I can recall but 1 or 2 incidences where I actually found the answer. I see that often when someone refers a poster to the search box it does not really address or answer the question asked.

Just my 2 cents. But I guess I get the point of having it.

Kevinh5 (talk|edits) said:

2 February 2012
Well, my personal take (and maybe only my take) is that 80% of the questions asked here can be answered either by referring to:

Pub 17

Pub 334

The yellow box.

Now that we have people using the yellow box regularly, I believe that percentage may be lower. Maybe only 25% of questions asked NOW cannot be answered via the 3 sources above.

Without enforcing the 'yellow box rule', we would have hundreds more questions each day. Most of which would be very basic questions. If you want to see some history to understand this, go back to 2007 and 2008 and see how many questions per day were asked. Read them, and see whether you could have found the answer in any of the 3 referenced sources.

Yes, I agree that there are many unanswered points in the history of posts. But by reading those posts similar in nature, I'd still bet that a persons questions will be reduced. And, in the process of reading those posts, they probably learned something.

JR1 (talk|edits) said:

February 2, 2012
Did he search the yellow box for yellow box search before posting this? There IS another live thread going, for crying out loud. And I'm truly shocked that you let this pass oh Master of the Box.

Kevinh5 (talk|edits) said:

2 February 2012
Discussion:The End of the Forum :(

I'm surprised you didn't resurrect this thread.

Death&Taxes (talk|edits) said:

2 February 2012
Yesterday while doing a client's return on the phone, the issue came up regarding the probable foreclosure on his home this year, and the fact that he has a considerable home office for his business? Does the exclusion for COD income on personal residence cover that from a home office. I tried COD Home Office and found a couple of discussions which gave me enough to give him an opinion (based partly on the people who responded).

I think some people lack imagination to stretch their circumstances to fit other questions [I did search but couldn't find a situation exactly like my client's.....that makes me gag].

Maybe it isn't perfect but it is the next best thing.

Podolin (talk|edits) said:

2 February 2012
"I'm surprised you didn't resurrect this thread." Well, I got curious enough to follow the thread to BeatleFred's discussion. I actually could not stop reading. It was mesmerizing. Please, someone who was involved in the 2007 discussion, tell me this was not real, but rather the product of a very creative (and devious) mind. If not, it has to hold many records on TA.

Death&Taxes (talk|edits) said:

3 February 2012
I was an onlooker to that particular train wreck. I had this picture in my mind of this Kaczynski-like person holed up in some cave in the Ozarks, cackling like Hell as each reply came.

Belle (talk|edits) said:

February 3, 2012
"... And, in the process of reading those posts, they probably learned something."

I've often wished for CPE credits for what I've learned on TA by reading prior threads.

Taxaway (talk|edits) said:

3 February 2012
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

(with the implication that it includes all genders.)

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