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Skhyatt (talk|edits) said:

18 February 2006
Just wondering who to give credit to for the "featured article" on the main page of this site. I think it does a very good job of outlining the UDC.

Tdoyle (talk|edits) said:

18 February 2006

As with any page on TaxAlmanac, you can easily see who the original author was as well as a list of all people who have made edits. Simply go to the article itself (for the featured article, click the title on the main page which will load the full article), then click the history tab. The author of that page was MikeD, who happens to be a Senior Tax Consultant here at Intuit, and one of the four team members who developed TaxAlmanac. You can click his name in the history listing to see his user page which contains a bit more information about him. I encourage others to fill out their own user pages with similar information - it'll make this site much richer and help to build a sense of community that seems to be developing here. If you'd like to leave a message for Mike telling him your thoughts about the article, just click over to his discussion page - I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.


- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator 16:34, 18 February 2006 (CST)

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