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SueTax17 (talk|edits) said:

12 November 2013

I am new to the forum and totally stressed. Have Part 2 EA Exam one week from today. Passed Part 1, prepare some business/estate returns. I know the basics. Has anyone taken Part 2 recently? I am using Arthur EA review and have been dedicating most of my "extra time"(2 kids, family tax practice, hubby with busy job, home renov)for the past 3 months. I just want this test done.

Gazoo (talk|edits) said:

13 November 2013
Sue, it's a brain game at this point. You have already digested the information, it is now necessary to get your body ready to take the test. Remember, the mind and body are one. You need to take a can of beets everyday and put it in the blender and add whatever seasonings you like, and drink it down. If you are a type 2 diabetic, only do this every other day. You can use pickled beets if you want, but if you do and you happen to get pregnant over the next couple of weeks, you are more likely to have a female child, so if you want a boy, stick to regular beets.

Then you need to walk a mile every day. When you get home from walking, drink a quart of water to keep yourself hydrated. Listen to some cds of the Dali Lama and begin to meditate.

We have a lady on here (Deback) that took two EA tests on one day, and went home and roofed half her house. It can be done with the proper physical training.

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